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Donny and Marie do Star Wars

This vid is a classic, in a strange and too-awful-not-to-watch way.  

Donny and Marie Osmond have a go at making Star Wars a musical, starring as Luke and Leia.  Somehow they manage to drag Kris Kristofferson into the act, hamming it up as Han Solo.  Meanwhile, a platoon of Storm Troopers dance and sing Motown and showtune classics while R2-D2 panics.  It may have been the 70s, but still, there can be no excuse for this level of showtime disaster.

Remember, Luke and Leia did turn out to be brother and sister – maybe the Osmonds were on to something way before the rest of us.


Swanning Around

Jeesh, it’s been ages eh?  Real life jumped up, bit me on my bits, causing unforeseen delays and a rather nasty scar. 

Bits on the Side posts will remain stilted and stunted, mainly because I have been focusing on choreographing my own shoulder ballet moves.   Check out the vid below to see my inspiration.

Remember to keep it real folks, or you can just keep it.

You April Fool Tube

Those crazy cats at YouTube have gone all upside down interface for April Fools Day. 


Addicted to YouTube?

Oh, this is perfect.  Just what any dedicated vid surfer needs.



I wonder how many kiddies would be fooled by a Cartoon Channel sticker over your fave soap drama.

What Facebook is for

Eek!  Too true.

Things you should have seen already

This list is apparently the definitive list of everything you should have looked at on the interwebs.  99 sites and viral vids make the list, so there is bound to be something you haven’t seen before, shame out.

Over 26 mill have checked out the Numa Numa vid (#8) on YouTube.

I can’t check out PostSecret  (#5) without shedding tears or suffering creative mental blocks for my own potential secret postcards.

I’ve witnessed Icanhascheezburger (#24), with it’s crazy LOLcats crew, actually bringing people together over large glass tables in tense corporate boardroom meetings.  Tis true.

Willitblend (#58) has been a staple fave for a while now.  I love sites that offer don’t try this at home warnings.

How I managed to miss The Best Wedding Toast Ever – Amy’s song, I dunno, just lucky I guess.  Well, I was until I clicked on (#81).  I somehow made it to 5:47.  Cringe factor 29412.

I also hadn’t seen the brilliant Matrix Ping Pong vid (#84) before.  Shame on me.  Well worth a squiz.

So, here I am, several hours later, and 99 things I’m meant to have seen, seen.  Done.  Ta-da. I need a tshirt or something “I’ve seen all that is worthwhile on le web” – and I had better go advise my ISP that we are ovah.  What a relief, this internet shiz was taking up heaps of my time.

James Nesbitt: Yellow Pages classically trained actor

James Nesbitt rocks.   I’ve been a fan since he stuck a rose up his bum and wandered the streets naked offering his flowery love in the excellent Cold Feet

Here he is starring in a series of cutesy, comical Yellow Pages ads.

Here he is on British pop quiz show, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, being shown what folk these days tend to use the old skool Yellow Pages books for.