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Ads gone mad

Wow!  KFC’s Colonel Sanders is now fixing potholes



Celebrate Obama Win and Unfair & Unbalanced Political Comedy

I want my very own Obama!  The exciting U.S. election has made the upcoming Kiwi election seem tres, tres dull. Double tres, cos it was always gonna be a little dry and dulldom. 

Imagine how easy this election would be if we had an inspiring figure like that to vote for?  *big fat sigh*

Oo.  There are only 309,000,000 entries for Obama according to Uncy Goog.  Why so few? 


236.com have been a hilarious go-to during the U.S. elections, today they post:

Last night, American voters proved themselves to be very different than what most of the world had assumed. Since 2000, the world was certain that the majority of Americans were of such low intelligence that we needed constant care. Last night, we sent out a message loud and clear: “Despite our decisions as an electorate for the past eight years, we, as a people, are actually not severely retarded. Sorry for the misunderstanding and, um, those wars.”

My fave article is this post on the 5 stupidest things to happen this election:

1. Levi agreed to marry Bristol

Knocking up the Governor’s daughter is one notch on the belt that any cocksman as skilled as Levi Johnston would be a fool to pass up. When a young man as sexually and sensually alive as Levi manages something like that at the young age of 17, it’s clearly the beginning of his career as a playboy, and he’s not looking for a chance to settle down.

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