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Twitter Hack

There’s plenty of hacks on Twitter, but the latest hacking incident will have left a few major celebs and world figures a teensy bit upset. 


Britney has found herself in the mixed company of President Obama, CNN and Fox News, as victims of recent Twitter account hackings.  Fox News tweeted (hacked) that Bill O’Reilly is gay.  Man, I so hate Bill O’Reilly.  Hate-hate.  Even typing his name is annoying.  Too many shift key manoeuvres and L’s.  There’s L’s all over that guy’s name.  Ugh.

I really do not get it, why are people so hung up on the word gay being an insult?   What is that about? 

I’ve heard many different folk bandy the phrase around; a semi-insult, a throwaway derogatory comment, not even realising their offense, and most (if given the opportunity to explain) say they never meant to cause any harm.  It seems to be a new accepted standard turn of phrase.  And it totally gets my goat.   Wikipedia reckons it became pejorative around the same time that ‘gay’ became a common informal term for ‘homosexual‘.  I’m not so sure.

As for the Twitter hacker, there is no irony in calling someone who openly talks hate against homosexuals (actually, Bill O’BlimminReilly openly hates on anyone who has an opinion differing to his own), gay.  It’s a sexual preference, not a flaming insult.  Get a grip, people.  Talk sense.  Insult in a sensical fashion. 

And stop saying “that’s so gay”.  Tis unnecessary, unless you are watching a gay porno, obv.  Or observing olde worlde use of the word about carefree and happy things.