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Karmachick sells Moron’s ring before Skanky Ho can get her hands on it

Oo.  Trademe auctions can be so complex.  This one has a long story, but a simple message.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Buy a new ring, Moron.


*All proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House*
After being with my boyfriend of 8 Years (who shall now be referred to as moron) proposed to me while we were on holiday together. The moron did his best to be romantic and to his credit didnt do a half bad job of it and I agreed to marry the moron. A couple of months before getting engaged, being the good person I am, I suggested to moron that once a month we should donate our time at a centre(that shall remain nameless) that looks after animals. It was at this place that we first met the woman who I shall now refer to as “Skanky Hoe”.

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Strange TradeMe: With this ring, I thee fled

The original auction has been removed by TradeMe administrators. 

Luckily, my spies copied the humorous, if slightly predictable, Q&A section.  Click the pics to enlarge.

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TradeMe on TradeMe data integrity crimes

This is what we call in the rocket science biz, messy data.  Yip, it’s a techie term.  Sorry to throw that out there at ya, no warnings, nuffink.  Crimes against the integrity of data really get me going.  In a bad way.  Ahem.

The annual Auckland City Mission Winter Appeal TradeMe Auction, also known as TradeMe on TradeMe kicks off tomorrow.  NZ slebs such as Shorty St stars, Dai Henwood and Peter Urlich are offering various events and experiences, with them tagging along, and the final cash bid goes to the Mission’s Winter Appeal.  Tis a great idea.

However, the folk at NZRealityTV have spotted some dubious categorisations for each auction.  Someone is trying a little hard to be humorous.  Bless.

Breakfast with Tem Morrison in Rotorua is listed under frying pans and woks, meanwhile lunch at Souless with Ali Williams and Casey Green is listed under doors, windows and mouldings.  Are they trying to mess with my mind?  

Come on people, use the categories properly, I do not want two promo girls  turning up when I go searching for new and used poultry equipment.  Who does?  Ok, all you chicken farmers with your hands up, ok, put ’em down for crying out loud, go now, go focus on buying a Hova-Bator incubator egg turner, like you’re meant to be doing.

Lita predicts that Dan Carter’s previously worn, no confirmation whether washed, All Black shorts will generate the creepiest of questions.

Strange TradeMe: Spitfire MK16 for sale

Wicked.  You don’t know how long I have been waiting for one of these to come up 2nd hand on TradeMe.  Thanks Sam

I wonder how much the new paint job will cost, warfare colours are so 1944 last year.

The TradeMe auction has had over 137,000 views.  I especially like how the seller allows pick ups.  Handy.

Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire is offered for sale. You have the opportunity to own one of WW11’s most famous fighters. In the 15-years of front-line service was unequalled by any other Allied fighter Aircraft. All together 20,351 Spitfires were built, no fewer than 50 are flying in the world today. This Spitfire is not a composite nor a facsimile but is a genuine factory built aircraft with no equal in New Zealand today, with all original equipment as fitted by the factory in 1944. This aircraft is not currently flying.  P.O.A

 Click to enlarge – The aircraft is currently not flying, hence its stationary appearance in the pics.