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Name that TV show

This proves it, I should watch more telly, or learn to type faster.

How many TV shows can you name in two minutes?


Aja Rock, Joe Cotton and that photograph

Classic!  I’m still guffawing after watching this vid.  Want the goss? 

Ok.  So, Aja Rock has posed for a few raunchy pics over her lifetime.  Quelle surprise?  Non, I didn’t think so.  Wait!  That’s not the gossip.

Somehow former pop star, Joe Cotton, got her mitts on a few of the pics, and displaying some major ill feeling toward Aja, freely distributed them to the world.  Even lil’ ole me has seen them – they are tres porny horny.

So, recently C4’s Special Features did a piece on the NZ celebrity party scene, where both Cotton and Rock were in attendance, doing what they do best.  Rather hilariously, the presenter asked both Joe and Aja about the pics, and at some point they were caught exchanging stilted greetings for the camera.  Absolutely classique; if looks could kill, half the folk in that room would be dead.  

Big ups to Phil Bostwick for having stirry balls, presumably (judging by the scarf) hundreds of hickeys and for getting out of that party alive.

Hysterical laughter emanated from the C4 editing suite as they worked on the latest edition of Special Features.

There is obviously no love lost between Aja and Joe, so one has to wonder how Joe got ahold of the pics in the first place. Am I being totally suggestive when I ponder that perhaps there once was a large love between the two nzlebs?  Thought so.  Can’t help it though; is Joe a woman scorned?  And is she a handy amateur photographer?  According to Celebrity Joker Poker, both Rock and Cotton hail from Vancouver, so maybe someonething went down in Canadia? 

Click here to view the vid.  The nzleb partae action starts at 00:58, the stuck-between-a-Rock-and-a-Cotton-place questions start at 02:57.  Check out a transcript of the uncomfy exchange between the party girls here.

Let Lita know if you have any details about this ongoing feud, send email or leave me a comment, you filthy holdouts.  Or just congratulate me for avoiding Rock, Paper Cotton, Scissors jokes.

Underbelly’s criminal reality

I am totally addicted to Underbelly.  I don’t care how late they put it on, I’m watching.  It’s like The Sopranos meets our very own West whanau, only with grating gritty Aussie accents.

With Underbelly being based on true events, and some of the gangland crims still living, there is a chance you could actually bump into one of these characters, which makes that next shopping trip to Melbourne all the more exciting.

Mick Gatto (the focus of last Tuesday’s ep) has been on talkback radio this week, going so far as to threaten the radio show host.

Perhaps even more incredible is convicted hitman Carl Williams‘ facebook profile.  When the media reported that Carl had set up a facebook account, his friends list jumped overnight from approx 1000 to over 2500.  The account was removed, but a new fanbase account was set up within minutes.  Carl’s MySpace page has over 800 friends.

The real Carl Williams

After you have offended befriended Carl, you can toddle over and visit the facebook profile of Mick Gatto or you can join the Mick Gatto is a dog for setting up Benji group. Isn’t it thoughtful of the ganglanders to network with us like this?  It’s also mighty interesting, and somehow fitting, that the late Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin is a member of this group.

The real Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin

If you are nosy curious like moi, you may want to check out a pic of the real Roberta, wife of Williams.  She is less than thrilled at the shrill-voiced-sheila portrayal by actress Kat Stewart, claiming it’s all a bit Kath and Kim and has experienced trouble finding rental accomodation using her real name.

The real Roberta Williams

For purely selfish reasons, I miss Benji.  Or maybe I just miss the actor that played Benji. 

Pinup bad boy Benji: Actor Damian Walshe-Howling

Phil and Grant kung fu fighting

It’s no secret, I still have the hump with hard man Ross Kemp ever since he became a filthy holdout and stopped me from viewing the Mongrel Mob ep of his Gangs series from the comfort of my fat sofa. 

Instead, I had to sit in my skinny office chair and watch an internet download at the speed my ISP likes to call “acceptable”, but I like to call “son-of-dial-up” and some other choice words.

That was until a friend of BOTS sent in this vid of the  Eastenders‘ Mitchell brothers in their prime, from the 1998 video The Mitchells:Naked Truths.

Oh Ross, all is forgiven, you sweet, shimmying, hairy, bald, giant, you. 

Ross Kemp on Gangs: Mongrel Mob of NZ

I know, I know, I’m minorly obsessed with Ross Kemp.  You don’t even want to know what my Mother cat shrink has to say about that.

In the second ever episode of the first season of Ross Kemp on Gangs, Kemp visited New Zealand and met with Mongrel Mob gang members. It’s a little Once Were Warriors, and then some.

Ahem, Lita is regularly gripping with fear while rolling down the hills and sweeping the valleys of downtown A-land.  Does that count?

Now, you may be thinking that you missed this ep, somehow.  Maybe it was before you realised how interesting and addicting … on Gangs is, or you were busy being a loser and watching Prison Break over on TV3.  

You never actually missed it because it hasn’t been shown here, and despite rumours that TVNZ are avoiding screening that particular ep, someone (with implied knowledge, or a closer connection to Uncle Google than I) told Granny Herald that the first season is not yet available for international screening and it is nowt to do with any radical censorship.  Bummer, I love me some smoke-screens.

The episode is available on YouTube, in many parts.  Check it out, then decide, is this too controversial for our frightened kiwi eyes or are the TV people just ridiculous at scheduling stuff (or not) on le telly?

Click here to access the remaining parts of this episode.  It gets more and more grisly as you watch on.  I certainly don’t recall Jake the Muss eating tampons.

4 May 08 UPDATE:

YouTube has now removed all of the Ross Kemp on Gangs Mongrel Mob episode parts.

Click here to read how Ross Kemp continues to ignore me and find interweb links to where you can view the Ross Kemp on Gangs Mongrel Mob ep.

Ross Kemp on Gangs

Ross Kemp of Eastenders fame has been a likeable host on his BAFTA award winning documentary on gangs, there’s something about seeing a big hard man admitting to camera how scared he was feeling during the interview just screened. 

Kemp even looks very much like some of the thugs he visits around the world, particularly in last night’s Polish Skinheads ep.  Ross applies an on-the-fence approach when chatting to the gang members, and you get the feeling there was a lot of playing up (and paying up) to Kemp’s hard man looks in order to get the gangbangers to open their doors. 

In this Independent interview Ross says the gangs in Poland were probably the worst of all that he spent time with.

He denies that the series, which is now the subject of a brilliant new book, was setting out to “prove any point” or that he was “some sort of journalist” but, nevertheless, the programmes did graphically show the extent of macho subculture that exists in many societies. He tells me that the gangs in Poland were probably the worst, although he had a close call in Brazil as well.

If you missed it, you can see Ross Kemp on Gangs in Poland here on LiveLeak.

RossKemp.co.uk takes the piss out of Ross in one of those Richie McCaw/Chuck Norris is so tough kinda ways.  Classic.

Drawn Together: gross & fabulous

If you need a reason to drag yourself home early-ish from after-work drinks on Friday night, Drawn Together is it.  Check it out on Prime 10:30pm Fridays.


In the first animated reality show, eight characters from vastly different reaches of the cartoon universe agree to live in a house and have their lives taped. From a washed-up movie reel heartthrob to a homicidal Japanese trading card character, these housemates have nothing in common but a love of drinking and hot tub make-outs. Will the housemates rise above their many differences and come together as a family? No — but it’s fun to watch them sort-of try!

The adult cartoon satirises stereotypes and parodies known films and television shows – the characters themselves are parodies of well-known cartoons.  They are drawn together on a reality TV show, similar to Big Brother and The Real World, but say and do crazier stuff than any human ever could.  Drawn Together is hilarious and well worth the early exit from the pub.   

Click here to read some of the choicer quotes, there’s some in-yer-face, controversial, un-PC stuff.  Gotta love that.