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Donny and Marie do Star Wars

This vid is a classic, in a strange and too-awful-not-to-watch way.  

Donny and Marie Osmond have a go at making Star Wars a musical, starring as Luke and Leia.  Somehow they manage to drag Kris Kristofferson into the act, hamming it up as Han Solo.  Meanwhile, a platoon of Storm Troopers dance and sing Motown and showtune classics while R2-D2 panics.  It may have been the 70s, but still, there can be no excuse for this level of showtime disaster.

Remember, Luke and Leia did turn out to be brother and sister – maybe the Osmonds were on to something way before the rest of us.


50 Most unique representations of Darth Vader

This collection of the 50 most unique reps of Darth Vader totally rocks. 

vader-backpackDarth Vader Backpack

vader-napoleonDarth Vader invades Europe in the 1700s

vader-gardenerVader loves gardening, who knew?!

Millennium Falcon Wedding Cake

This looks a sure-fire way to con your very own commitment-phobic geek up the aisle.

Photos of the original inspiration by Ace of Cakes are here.

Dancing with the Star Wars

This vid so rocks. 

The organisers of the 2008 Star Wars Weekend Hyperspace Hoopla show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios cleverly decided to hold their very own dance competition.  What a success!!  The hard laughs start at 03:16.

Oh man, what a freaking fun way to earn your equity card.   

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