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This is why you’re fat

Eek.  This website is fantastic and ridiculous and awful, all at once.

baconmeatBacon-wrapped Meatloaf with a layer of Mac and Cheese

bfryFrench fry-encased Hot Dog on a stick


Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Stealing your co-worker’s lunch is a downright contemptible act, that is, if it’s perpetrated by someone other than you, obv.  But, if you’ve ever had your lunch stolen, you know the the frustration and anger it causes. You know the revenge and ill-will it inspires. And you know that no matter how well you try to hide your lunch bag at the back of the refrigerator, something is gonna be missing when you next open it.

Lament no more!  The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag is just the jobbie. 


Place your sarnie in the bag, seal for freshness (!) and put it in the fridge.  Surely those hungry thieving vagabonds that you work with won’t dare touch it now! 


Birthday Cake Fail

Gross.  I love me some cake, and sometimes babies can be palatable, but together …?

Babies and cakes?  Babies in cakes?  Non.  Some things just don’t make for good taste.






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Feast your eyes

Click, drool, repeat. 

There are now a barrage of sites on le interwebs that offer nothing more than blatant food porn*.  And I love ’em!

Beautiful images of tasty kai from postings all over the web end up displayed en masse on sites such as FoodGawker, TasteSpotting and my favourite, displaying one large pic of gorgeousness a day, Food Porn Daily.

* Ok, they have recipes too.  Lita’s focus was on the porny pics, so sue me.

Bring home the bacon

Crispy bacon can’t trump crispy duck, obv.  But, it does rate tres highly in the Lita list of edible delights.  

Hell, I’ve been blogging so long now, this is my 327684th post on the beauty of bacon.  And I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of difficult decisions I have easily made, helped along by my What would bacon do spinner.

Of course, the cat and I intend to start International Bacon Day off tomorrow with a bowl of bacon cornflakes.  Kapai kai.

Keep both your carnivore colleagues and your vegetarian vorkmates satisfied with these breakfast-inspired cufflinks.

Or, just out and out revolt ’em all with your raw bacon briefcase.

Cover your cut with imitation streaky bacon plaster strips.

Going on a trip?  Ensure your luggage stands out from the rest, rely on bacon!

Oo, and don’t forget your wallet. 

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Scallops Ahoy!

Crab claws crossed that the weather holds for a fabulous Whitianga Scallop Festival this weekend. 

The main ticket day has sold out, but some VIP seats have become available for Saturday

Check out the rad pics from previous festivals.  The kaimoana is incredible. 

Authorities are on full alert as a highly contagious dose of Scallop Fever breaks out around the upper North Island.

Officials expect a large part of the population of Auckland, Hamilton and other NZ cities to be off work later this week as they flock to Whitianga for an antidote to this mysterious virus.

Medical officials say the only cure is eating as many fresh scallops as possible and washing them down with a couple of bottles of Monteith’s.  Dozens of boats have left for sea to stock up for the influx! 

If you are there already, don’t forget that Scallop Idol is on tonight, down at Smitty’s Sports Bar and Grill.  A night unlike any other, surely.

Selling Chicken Kiev should be easier than this

This ad makes me chortle.  And hungry. 

I heart me some Chicken Kiev, espesh when pretty Estonian women – looking tres 1991, dance around the famous chicken dish to Art of Noise.

To check out more fantastic, hilarious clips from the Director Harry Egipt go to Timeless World.  

Meanwhile Ingham, Lita’s main kiev dealer, uses Aussie slang and swearies to sell their garlic stuffed birds to this end of the world.

Hmmn.  It’s hard to decide which ad cheapens the women chicken the most.