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Cadbury merge with Nestle?

What a stunning thing a wee merge between chocolate giants Cadbury and Nestle would be.





Valentine’s Day

Here we go again, V Day tis nigh upon us, a panicked time for both single and loved-up to wish their lives away, well, at least till the 15th Feb.

On the BOTS radar this year:

Watch out for the Cupid Mix bag of M&Ms!  Apparently, they fell under the evil grocery shrink ray, and have less chocolate in them than normal M&M bags.  Stuff that, where is the lurve?


Totally check out Stephen Einhorn‘s jewellery collection.  Tres rock’n’skull.  The best bit (apart from the solid sterling silver skull and crossbones eggcups) is that your gift can be wrapped in a painted plaster heart, which is then smashed by your lover, in order to get to the gift inside.  Noice irony. 



If it has to be chocolate, then let it be impressive.  Nothing less than a chocolate covered VW beetle will do.  Uhuh.


Chewing the end of the pencil

Fancy pants restaurants have been using chocolate curls on their sweet treats for ages.


The chocolate curls look like pencil shavings, which must be why Nendo came up with this awesome chocolate pencil set, complete with pencil sharpener, so you can create your own posh nosh. 


There’s a range of flavours from light milk to dark bittersweet chocolate, much like real pencils that come in HB, B, 2B etc.  Funky and tasty.