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Swanning Around

Jeesh, it’s been ages eh?  Real life jumped up, bit me on my bits, causing unforeseen delays and a rather nasty scar. 

Bits on the Side posts will remain stilted and stunted, mainly because I have been focusing on choreographing my own shoulder ballet moves.   Check out the vid below to see my inspiration.

Remember to keep it real folks, or you can just keep it.


The China Vagina Collection

This is one to give to Granny for her china plate collection. 

As fragile as bone china, as delicate as a flower, yet female sexuality has the power to unlock riches. A ‘pussy on a plate’ offered up to the highest bidder. Money has become the greatest measure of our worth.

Go to the website to view other plates in the collection by Ruth McLees; The Garden of Eden, The Orgasm and a plate making a statement on Tibet called the Rape of Tibet.