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Sex that’s good for the environment

This is a green bandwagon we should all be happy to jump on for a ride.  Ahem.  Check it out, there are pictures and everything.  Ken and Barbie get down and dirty, and green. 

Aerosmith may have thought having sex in an elevator was something to sing about, but what about sex in a green vehicle? Today’s quest for low emissions and high efficiency has brought us yet another obstacle to overcome: How to have sex in a small green vehicles, such as the Chevy Aveo or Mini Cooper. These more-efficient vehicles are great, sure, but how can a couple fit so much, er, love into a cool-yet-compact vehicles? Generally narrow in the cockpit with an obtrusive shifter in the center and low ceiling height, it’s clear these machines were not designed for this type of adventure.

So what’s a horny ‘Hugger to do? Read on for our illustrated guide to doin’ it well in a small car.

Position #4: The When-All-Else-Fails Missionary

Barbie Green Compact Vehicle Backseat Missionary Sex Photo
Wearing one sequined glove can help with much-needed gripping power in this position. However, wearing a golden bandoleer may blind or distract your partner during certain key maneuvers.

Photo credit: Marisa Harris