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Always yearned to body double for Barbara Streisand or Paul Holmes?  No, me neither.  But, if I did want to, then Sleeveface is where I would post the evidence. 

Put a record sleeve or CD case in front of your face, align your body with the person on the cover, get a mate to take a pic and then send it to Sleeveface.  Awes.

Check out some of the more inventive photo submissions below.  The best are planned for a Sleevefaces book.






Simon & Garfunkel: Auckland bridges troubled sound system

A show to remember, indeed.   And when the sound goes down, the Auckland audience spontaneously breaks into song to fill the silence. 

This vid gives a wee clue to what it was like to be there, and from all accounts, a memorable gig from legendary masters of their art, Simon & Garfunkel

If it wasn’t for the tone deafness of the man singing his brave wee heart out in extreme proximity to the camera, this video would’ve sprung me some tears.  Apparently the sound of silence (oh yes, I went there) was more pronounced at the back, making the united audience participation all the more moving.

Swanning Around

Jeesh, it’s been ages eh?  Real life jumped up, bit me on my bits, causing unforeseen delays and a rather nasty scar. 

Bits on the Side posts will remain stilted and stunted, mainly because I have been focusing on choreographing my own shoulder ballet moves.   Check out the vid below to see my inspiration.

Remember to keep it real folks, or you can just keep it.

Drums for QWERTY

This site is da bomb!   Type your name or any random sentence and rock that keyboard hard.

Song 2: Woo Hoo! It’s Friday

If this song doesn’t shout Friday, what does?

Christian Bale takes it out to the streets: Bale out, the spoof

Lita is taking a short, but necessary break from the BOTS chain gang.  Tis in everyone’s best interest, this way I won’t end up going all Christian Bale on your asses (which, incidentally, has already earned an Urban Dictionary entry).

Check out this spoof of Christian Bale‘s recent on-set hissy fit.

Unable to find work due to his anger management issues, Christian Bale reprises his role of Batman on the streets of Hollywood.

This remix is heading towards 2 million views on YouTube, pretty amazing considering it has only been up a week.

Language is so NSFW and the chorus is tres catchy.

Talk about the only way is up, baby

This hit rocked my world way back when, until the day some guy from school (that I majorly fancied) walked in on me dancing to it, following my own choreography, complete with Yazz-loike leg kicks.  Shaaaame out.

This is DJ Chris Racine’s Almighty remix of Yazz’s The only way is up.

Possibly the real shame is that I then copied Yazz’s hair style for a few years.  Ahem.  Ok, ok, the big shame out truth is I intend to bring back the Yazz look one more time, at an 80s party tonight.  Oh yes.  The only way is up, right?