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Bits on the Side

I’ve lost my blo-jo. Don’t bother lookin’ for it, I’ve been searching deep inside myself (ew) for it, to no avail. 

Tis done. Tis ovah. Real life overwhelmed, won out, and now Lita resigns.  It was fab while it lasted, thanks for contributing/reading/commenting/visiting.



Check out these 8 awesome cases of cyber vigilantism


If you love email spam, you can thank Alan Ralsky. He started spamming back before anyone knew what spam was, in the late 90s. By 2001, he managed to push so much shit through the Verizon servers he shut them down, leading to a lawsuit from Verizon.

That lawsuit was settled and by 2002, Ralsky was rolling in enough dick enlargement cream cash to buy a $750,000 mansion. He continued spamming, using a database of 250 million names, charging companies to send out their shit e-mails for them. Up to 70 million a day, by his own admission.

As with all great assholes, the taint of arrogance was right around the corner, under the ballsack of stupidity. Ralsky, smug and potentially borderline retarded, did an interview with the Detroit News in which he seemed quite pleased with himself and the legal way he was doing business.

Readers didn’t find things as amusing as he did and when the interview was posted on Slashdot, some people went out of their way to find the address to his new home, which they then posted. The result was Ralsky being signed up to every hardcopy mailing campaign people could find.

Snail mail, as the kids call it, started arriving at Ralsky’s mansion by the truckload. Literally by the truckload, as tons of it was delivered to his house each and every day. Ralsky’s reaction was to complain that he was being harassed and was going to sue. This lead to massive bouts of laughter and an unprecedented level of not giving a shit. But at least the man won’t have to leave home to do his Christmas shopping.


A member of the French Secret Service team that carried out the Rainbow Warrior bombing in 1985 has been killed in a plane crash in the French Alps.

Xavier Maniguet, 62, was one of four men aboard the yacht Ouvea that smuggled explosives used in “Operation Satanic”, which sank the Greenpeace flagship in a bid to stall protests against French nuclear tests in the South Pacific.

The NZ Herald goes on to say:

The press described him as an “honourable correspondent” for the French foreign espionage service, the DGSE.


10th July 1985 was one of the defining moments of my young life.  I have spoken to many French folk, and once educated about the horrific deeds done by their government at that time,  in their name, have openly expressed how dishonourable the DGSE and Francois Mitterrand really were.

There truly are very few folk whose obituary I would read with glee.  Oh yes, Robert Mugabe’s would be a party, foreshore, my shout.  Now I add to my list the remote, morbid hope that these two also get their karmic comeuppance sooner rather than later.

Bird Strike Prevention

This just might work.


True stories behind those WTF pictures

You know those pictures you see that make you go WTF!?!  Cracked explains the story behind some legendary images.

Most people have already seen the following images in the ‘WTF’ sections of social bookmarking sites, in threads dedicated to badass pictures or just circulated through their inboxes by the “funny” boss. There is never an explanation for these pictures, because they seem to intrinsically defy explanation; they are just still moments in time of unbelievable scope, and epic badassery.


That’s Mark Madson, and the truck behind him is actually a tree-house he built for his son, Luke, in the town of Beloit, Wisconsin. So, on the downside, the truck-in-tree was not the fantastic drunken feat of a modern day redneck Paul Bunyan, but actually just a pretty slick – if dangerously negligent – act of charity from a father to his son.

Things you should have seen already

This list is apparently the definitive list of everything you should have looked at on the interwebs.  99 sites and viral vids make the list, so there is bound to be something you haven’t seen before, shame out.

Over 26 mill have checked out the Numa Numa vid (#8) on YouTube.

I can’t check out PostSecret  (#5) without shedding tears or suffering creative mental blocks for my own potential secret postcards.

I’ve witnessed Icanhascheezburger (#24), with it’s crazy LOLcats crew, actually bringing people together over large glass tables in tense corporate boardroom meetings.  Tis true.

Willitblend (#58) has been a staple fave for a while now.  I love sites that offer don’t try this at home warnings.

How I managed to miss The Best Wedding Toast Ever – Amy’s song, I dunno, just lucky I guess.  Well, I was until I clicked on (#81).  I somehow made it to 5:47.  Cringe factor 29412.

I also hadn’t seen the brilliant Matrix Ping Pong vid (#84) before.  Shame on me.  Well worth a squiz.

So, here I am, several hours later, and 99 things I’m meant to have seen, seen.  Done.  Ta-da. I need a tshirt or something “I’ve seen all that is worthwhile on le web” – and I had better go advise my ISP that we are ovah.  What a relief, this internet shiz was taking up heaps of my time.

Engrish as a sign language

Here are some of my fave of the latest offerings from


Genius.  I have this sign on order, precisely the attitude I have with neighbours/robbers.


Was this meant to be Very Superstitious?  Cos, now I have that annoying song in my head.


This label makes me hungry.  I love chlorine free coleslaw.


Not just depresso espresso, but deep espresso depresso


Another necessary sign to alert others of my overall unavailability to address their needs.