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You April Fool Tube

Those crazy cats at YouTube have gone all upside down interface for April Fools Day. 




Check out these 8 awesome cases of cyber vigilantism


If you love email spam, you can thank Alan Ralsky. He started spamming back before anyone knew what spam was, in the late 90s. By 2001, he managed to push so much shit through the Verizon servers he shut them down, leading to a lawsuit from Verizon.

That lawsuit was settled and by 2002, Ralsky was rolling in enough dick enlargement cream cash to buy a $750,000 mansion. He continued spamming, using a database of 250 million names, charging companies to send out their shit e-mails for them. Up to 70 million a day, by his own admission.

As with all great assholes, the taint of arrogance was right around the corner, under the ballsack of stupidity. Ralsky, smug and potentially borderline retarded, did an interview with the Detroit News in which he seemed quite pleased with himself and the legal way he was doing business.

Readers didn’t find things as amusing as he did and when the interview was posted on Slashdot, some people went out of their way to find the address to his new home, which they then posted. The result was Ralsky being signed up to every hardcopy mailing campaign people could find.

Snail mail, as the kids call it, started arriving at Ralsky’s mansion by the truckload. Literally by the truckload, as tons of it was delivered to his house each and every day. Ralsky’s reaction was to complain that he was being harassed and was going to sue. This lead to massive bouts of laughter and an unprecedented level of not giving a shit. But at least the man won’t have to leave home to do his Christmas shopping.

Panoramic Rocks

Check out 360Cities to view panoramic shots of amazing places in the world.


If you work hard at it with some freaky hot mouse-finger action, you will be rewarded with slight dizziness.  I know, totally rad and 100% free.

Bullet sharp

Wow! Check these amazing images of a bullet slicing it’s way through paper and stuff.


Coolest USB Drive Evah!

Ok.  I know it’s totally irrational, but this is inspiring!  It makes me want to cut off extremeties just to outdo this guy’s tres cool USB drive.  How totally fab it must be to have all that portable information available at his fingertips.


A computer programmer who lost half his finger after his motorbike crashed into a deer has had the finger replaced with a USB drive.

Jerry Jalava, from Finland, says the two-gigabyte prosthetic finger is not permanently attached to his hand, allowing him to leave his finger in the computer slot and “pick it up after I’m ready”.


Save your fingers! Imagine the looks on the faces of your colleagues when you take off your shoe and jam your big toe in the back of le ‘puter. Big fun.  Big finger slash toe fun.

Some folk don’t deserve Google

This website is dedicated to answering the age old question; is Google making us all dumber? 


Or is it just more obvious now we have the technology?


Addicted to YouTube?

Oh, this is perfect.  Just what any dedicated vid surfer needs.



I wonder how many kiddies would be fooled by a Cartoon Channel sticker over your fave soap drama.