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A grave statement

Some of us don’t like to go quietly.








Simon & Garfunkel: Auckland bridges troubled sound system

A show to remember, indeed.   And when the sound goes down, the Auckland audience spontaneously breaks into song to fill the silence. 

This vid gives a wee clue to what it was like to be there, and from all accounts, a memorable gig from legendary masters of their art, Simon & Garfunkel

If it wasn’t for the tone deafness of the man singing his brave wee heart out in extreme proximity to the camera, this video would’ve sprung me some tears.  Apparently the sound of silence (oh yes, I went there) was more pronounced at the back, making the united audience participation all the more moving.

Swanning Around

Jeesh, it’s been ages eh?  Real life jumped up, bit me on my bits, causing unforeseen delays and a rather nasty scar. 

Bits on the Side posts will remain stilted and stunted, mainly because I have been focusing on choreographing my own shoulder ballet moves.   Check out the vid below to see my inspiration.

Remember to keep it real folks, or you can just keep it.

Resign sweetly from your job by cake

This is one unusual way to hand in your notice at work.


Neil Berrett sugared the pill of his departure from Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, by announcing his intentions in icing.

He posted a picture of the huge baked message on Flickr , the photo sharing website.

In the letter, Mr Berrett wrote: “Dear Mr. Bowers – During the past three years, my tenure at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has been nothing short of pure excitement, joy and whim.

“However, I have decided to spend more time with my family and attend to health issues that have recently arisen. I am proud to have been part of such an outstanding team and I wish this organization only the finest in future endeavors.

“Please accept this cake as notification that I am leaving my position with NWT on March 27. Sincerely, W. Neil Berrett”.

But get this, it doesn’t end there.  One of Berrett’s followers on Flickr used his intiative and offered Berrett’s employers a baked version of his CV!

He wrote: “Dear Mr. Bowers – I understand a position has recently become available and I would like you to consider me for the job.

“I am not entirely sure what it entails, but I am very smart, a quick learner and flexible. I am also able to recognize an opportunity as it presents itself and take advantage of it, even if it arrives disguised as a photo of a sheet cake.”

Panoramic Rocks

Check out 360Cities to view panoramic shots of amazing places in the world.


If you work hard at it with some freaky hot mouse-finger action, you will be rewarded with slight dizziness.  I know, totally rad and 100% free.

Bullet sharp

Wow! Check these amazing images of a bullet slicing it’s way through paper and stuff.


Coolest USB Drive Evah!

Ok.  I know it’s totally irrational, but this is inspiring!  It makes me want to cut off extremeties just to outdo this guy’s tres cool USB drive.  How totally fab it must be to have all that portable information available at his fingertips.


A computer programmer who lost half his finger after his motorbike crashed into a deer has had the finger replaced with a USB drive.

Jerry Jalava, from Finland, says the two-gigabyte prosthetic finger is not permanently attached to his hand, allowing him to leave his finger in the computer slot and “pick it up after I’m ready”.


Save your fingers! Imagine the looks on the faces of your colleagues when you take off your shoe and jam your big toe in the back of le ‘puter. Big fun.  Big finger slash toe fun.