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Always yearned to body double for Barbara Streisand or Paul Holmes?  No, me neither.  But, if I did want to, then Sleeveface is where I would post the evidence. 

Put a record sleeve or CD case in front of your face, align your body with the person on the cover, get a mate to take a pic and then send it to Sleeveface.  Awes.

Check out some of the more inventive photo submissions below.  The best are planned for a Sleevefaces book.






You April Fool Tube

Those crazy cats at YouTube have gone all upside down interface for April Fools Day. 


Portable Camera Zoom Extension

What every serious photog needs.


Stewie Griffin’s List

This fabulous musical number by Stewie Griffin was deleted out of the broadcasted Family Guy episode, and is all over the dubdubdub labelled as ‘banned’.  Tres exotic. 

We tune in with Stewie having taken over the White House, reciting his fairly reasonable list of folk you wouldn’t even miss.

Bert is Evil

This site has all the evidence to prove what I have known all along.  Bert is evil.


You are entering my dark place

Garth Marenghi ‘s Dark Place is an 80s sci-fi and medical drama unlike no other.

It features guest appearances from UK comedy genius team The Mighty Boosh and parodies low-budget 1980s telly shows – taking the mickey out of everything from sci-fi to fashion.  The SFX are particular impressive.

Click here to view the vid.

I think the Marenghi character is a bounce on horror novelist Stephen King.  How tres flattering, ahem.

You might recognise Richard Ayoade from the brilliant The IT Crowd, playing famous publisher Dean Learner.

Some folk don’t deserve Google

This website is dedicated to answering the age old question; is Google making us all dumber? 


Or is it just more obvious now we have the technology?