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A bit on the side with: Hayley Holt

Lita’s day job involves irritating one of Hayley Holt’s family members, so this week a deal was struck; Lita gets an exclusive interview with the gorgeous Treasure Island champion, and Hayley’s Aunty gets to use Lita as her coffee-bitch for a week. What a result! And Lita is still free to annoy and irritate during the working week.


Lita: Congratulations on winning Celebrity Treasure Island, BOTS were so proud of your efforts against the sporty bully-boys. Is Wendell Sailor really the big baby/bad sport he was portrayed to be?

Hayley: Ha ha. Wendall, aka Wendy, wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s not shy about letting people know how he’s feeling and wasn’t trying to hide the fact he wanted off. He’s used to 5 star hotels and champagne so being stuck on a deserted island didn’t really bring out the best of him. In saying that though, he was my favourite person on ‘Savage Island’ so I was glad to see him imprisoned there until the end. He was non-stop entertainment.

Lita: What’s the one thing in your handbag you can’t live without? What’s the one thing you can totally live without? And can I have it?

Hayley: My wallet. Boring aye, but it’s gotta be the thing I get out the most. I hate to say it but my phone as well, except at the moment the bloody thing won’t stop bleeping at me so I’d love to live without it, and yes, you can have it as it’s a piece.

B and H

Lita: Some common Pip’n’Lita debates are sequins vs beads, beach vs snowy mountains and Diet Coke vs Fat Coke. Where do you stand?

Hayley: I like all of those things! I like to mix things up a bit depending on what stage of my mood swing I’m on.

Lita: You’re stuck on a desert island (again!) with drinking water, a pair of high heels, a tape of The Smurfs theme song and Rodney Hide, Tim Shadbolt and Paul Holmes. Which one do you choose to dance with and why? Who wears the heels?

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A bit on the side with: Brooke Fraser

Pip’s been on the phone non-stop getting you the exclusive on New Zealand favourite songstress, Brooke Fraser. I had to pull a few favours but finally, BOTS’ first Bit on the Side With… is hatched with the lovely Brooke Fraser.


Grab a coffee and sit back as we probe, question and interrogate Ms. Fraser till she is broken and divulging her innermost secrets…

Pip: You’re stuck on a desert island, with water, and somehow a solar-powered CD player (and actually a light bulb, but that’s not important right now), what 3 CD’s would you take with you?

Brooke: Joni Mitchell – Ladies of the Canyon, The Real Efforts of Real People – The Real Efforts of Real People, Hillsong United – Look to You

Pip: I have ‘Deciphering Me’ & ‘Albertine’ on all the time from your MySpace page, does Albertine know she’s your muse for this album? How does she feel about it?

Brooke: I wouldn’t necessarily put Albertine in the “muse” category…

On my trip back to Rwanda earlier this year I visited her again and told her about the song and the way it was impacting people. At that time I hadn’t recorded it but had played it live in Australia, NZ and the States, where people’s response had been moving. It made her really happy, and there’s a copy on its way to her at the moment (I don’t think she has anything to play it on, but she’s put in her request anyway!).

Pip: What’s the one thing in your handbag you can’t live without? What’s the one thing you can totally live without? Can I have it?

Brooke: Can’t live without Lucas’ Pawpaw. Can live without artichokes. Not that I keep them in my handbag, but I’ve been known to carry the odd nectarine, so fruit + veg aren’t foreign to my carrying accessories (except when clearing international customs/quarantine, of course).

Pip: And now for an easy one, define love.

Brooke: Agape.

Pip: Reveal your diet. Rice cake or chocolate cake?

Brooke: A chocolate cake made with rice flour (?).

Pip: I plan on naming my children Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel & Ross. What do you plan to name your future progeny?

Brooke: I respect your use of the word progeny! Friedrich, Liesel, Louisa, Brigitta, Kurt, Marta and Gretel. The Hills are alive.

Pip: Some usual Pip ‘n Lita debates are waterproof mascara vs. regular, creation or evolution, and Diet Coke vs. Fat Coke. Where do you stand?

Brooke: I vote for MAC Zoomlash, Creation, Fat coke. All the way.

Pip: Lita was at a concert of yours a few years back where you were extolling the praises of colonic irrigation. Do you still partake? Will the next album have you singing its praises in song?

Brooke: Ha… I can’t remember that! I’ve never had colonic irrigation… I suppose I just heard it was good and was passing on the info… Why? Who knows. Most of what comes out of my mouth at shows is as big a surprise to me as it is to everyone else.

– – – –

The bestest Brooke Fraser album is out now and she will be touring New Zealand in April, starting in Dunedin tonight, ending in Auckland on the 22nd, with the tour then moving on to Oz. For all the details, visit her website.

Tune in for next month’s A Bit on the Side With … when we will be chatting with a very special man. Ok, so we don’t know who it will be yet. But we are sure its gonna be grand!

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