Bits on the Side

Made in New Zealand 

 Lita loves le interweb and was the 3rd ever human to realise it had some potential [citation needed].

For many years Lita sent on funny emails with links, jokes and pics to friends and whanau.  After wading through the unsubscribe begging letters and clearing up all those nasty restraining order thingummyjigs, Lita noticed there was an increasing number of folk pleading to get on the dist list.  Those already on the list were begging for more, everyone was really quite desperate, hence Bits on the Side.   Who am I to smirk in the face of desperation?


A-land’s favourite Z-lister Lita knows how to sneak into the party and solicit the goss, usually just before upsetting folk and getting booted, tres handy.  She sells young babies, drinks red wine from a box and climbs through loo windows to find you puerile entertainment with a localised flava. 

Sometimes Lita brings in cheap labour from poor, third-world countries (America, Australia, North Auckland etc) to help search the net for rad pics, vids and stimulating sites, sights and sounds to post for your delight.  Otherwise, Bits on the Side is 100% Kiwi.


Bits on the Side is fun and funny, new and retro, sordid, bizarre, futile, fervent, funky and semi-chunky.

Send Lita your comments and questions – we love us some interaction, you’ll even get a reply.  So far, Lita has helped Jason Gunn with his dance steps, given sage legal advice to Millie Holmes and sorted Matthew Ridge’s love life, ahem.