Bits on the Side

I’ve lost my blo-jo. Don’t bother lookin’ for it, I’ve been searching deep inside myself (ew) for it, to no avail. 

Tis done. Tis ovah. Real life overwhelmed, won out, and now Lita resigns.  It was fab while it lasted, thanks for contributing/reading/commenting/visiting.


7 responses to “Bits on the Side

  1. Sorry to see you go, Damn real life getting in the way, hope you find a buyer.

    I’ve got too many websites at the moment, so cant take on any more

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  3. Awwwww i`ll miss the bits

  4. I’ll always remember you as my first (and I imagine still only) reader from New Zealand! I so very much enjoyed sending my book to the other side of the world.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  5. Waaah! Have been living on Raoul Island, halfway to Tonga, for 6 months and just logged on to find out how things were, in prep for returning to the mainland.
    And you’ve finished!
    Hey, great job! I enjoyed reading the bits.

  6. Don’t think I ever had a Blo Jo! Lol. If you are after kiwiana gifts then you can’t go past our store.

    Keep Blo-Jo-In!

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