Willie Jackson v Tony Veitch

How embarrassing.  Looks like Willie Jackson didn’t get the memo.  Duh Willie – doncha know that the only person allowed to talk about, and risk the right to a fair trial, is Tony Veitch.*  Du-uh. 

Jeesh, for a sick man, Tony has some paua, doesn’t he?  Either that, or he just has sheer nerve.  Balls of steel, brains of clay.

The real victim in this (remember: it ain’t poor, career-limited, shattered, mentally unstable Tony) seems to be the only one with the class to refrain from commenting publicly.  Although, to not hear from her is somehow starting to seem a tad unfair. 

Here Tony is, back in the saddle after landing a great media job, speed-talking on our telly box once more.  Now he has the chance to sway public opinion and work on redeeming himself to the great unwashed sports-lovers of this country.  But, I wonder how this risks the victim’s rights, and her expectation for a fair trial of her violent perpertrator. 

“In many ways, it felt like a trial as I knew the media, in particular, would be watching to see how I performed. It’s up to everyone else to judge that all I can say is that I loved every minute.”

That would so suit him, eh?  If we could just make that nasty real-life trial go away, and instead make this nervy, first-time back on the box, sports show be the trial … ahh, life would be so Veitchy keen. 

Can you imagine the stink he would make if his victim was to become a regular on our telly screens and newspaper columns, thanking all in sundry for their support during this difficult time?  It would be detrimental to his case, so does that mean that Veitch doing the same is advantageous to his case?  He’d no doubt sue, so what should she do?

Deaker said public response to Veitch’s appearance had been extremely positive. “People are just thrilled he has had the opportunity. Lots of people have been coming up to me saying `well done, the guy deserves a break’.”

It can’t be just me that sees the irony in a lot of people stating Veitch also deserves a break.  Surely Shirley!

I don’t want the guy to never work again, I just thought that I probably wouldn’t be seeing him on my big, shiny, moving image thingummy until the case was tried and there was some resolution to the whole shebang.   If he is convicted, what will Sky Sport say then about supporting a violent offender, will he remain on the show then, Murray?  Perhaps they are just using Tony and his extremely high, if not positive, profile.  Quelle surprise, tell me it ain’t so.

I don’t really care too much that he has managed to creep back onto our television, as I personally won’t watch him – thankfully he’s no longer reading the news, but I do care that his trial is fair, and that he is rehabilitated so he can be a healthy, contributing member of society.  A part of that rehab is acknowledging your weaknesses in order to improve upon them, taking your problems and owning them, having sincere remorse and an understanding of your issues that provides you the motivation to change. 

You also have to accept that people are going to have an opinion – particularly when you have a high profile job on the telly and you get outed as a basher who tried to be a husher for casher (see what I did there?), and that often times many opinions aren’t going to be favourable.  Duh.  Don’t they teach that as Fame 101? 

Until Veitch recognises that he isn’t the victim, that circumstances now, come of his own volition, that suing nay-sayers isn’t the way to get closure – he just isn’t going to gain respect from viewers or social commentators.  In fact, how will he ever be able to move on from this awful incident?  Tony is victimising himself and mega-insulting the real victim and other real victims of domestic violence.  Tres unattractive. 

Our justice system timetable totally sux, in that the trial is not planned till 2010, but I still maintain that for the sake of a fair trial, Tony should pipe down about his trauma-dramas until then; use the time to look at why this all kicked off, and what he can do to change himself and help others in similar situations.   His PR folk are killing him.  Glenda Hughes, too, needs to think about herself for just a lil’ ole minute or so.

Anyone wonder if Chris Brown will be back making number 1 tracks, shakin’ his thang all over the telly in a few months?

*And looney Paul Holmes.


18 responses to “Willie Jackson v Tony Veitch

  1. Poor poor Veitchy

    Awe Lita, give the guy a *break*! He looked so happy and relaxed on the telly, leaning back in his chair with all his worldly wisdom. He is so knowledgeable and we are all the better for his insightful opinion on SkyTV. (puke!!!!)

    I can’t STAND the guy!!! – his smug face as if he has done nothing wrong – no sign of remorse as if the trial is going to result in everyone going “oh it was all a lie? Tony Veitch is really a girl guide and helps old ladies cross the street” oh yes we are all crying a tear for Veitch (not!)

  2. Everyone makes mistakes. I hope your opinion of Tony Veitch is one of yours Lita. Give the guy a break. He is one hellova good guy whom has made a huge mistake and has had the year from hell as a result.

    When on telly last week he made no attempt to influence people on whether he committed the alleged offences or not. He purely offered insightful commentary on the current sports affairs. That is what he was employed to do and that is what he delivered.

    He will stand trail for the offences he is charged with and a judge (or jury) will be given the responsibility of finding him innocent or guilty.

  3. get your head out of the sand sports fan. you are clearly ignoring/missing the facts..

    Tony is NOT the victim.

    the real victim can hardly expect a fair trial if this mouthy loser gets given the chance to rebuild his image to a large portion of tv watchers.

    i know i wont be watching.

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    My opinion can’t really be a mistake, cos it is just that, my opinion. And if it’s being rated against the ‘mistake’ of acting violently toward your partner then attempting to pay to make it all go away, in order to keep your job for a state owned corp where you appear on telly straight after the ads about domestic violence not being ok, well, come on now, aloha!

    My inherent belief (and hard, hard hoping) that humans have the propensity to change after making mistakes and bad decisions, means that I do give people a break, all the blimmin time, I tell you.

    I didn’t watch Veitch on telly, as I said, but I did read the statements he and his PR folk made to both of the big papers. I call them out on that as a dumb (and insulting to victims of violence) move. I especially think his metaphor of a ‘trial’ was a calculated move to sway a potential jury that he has suffered enough. It makes me ill. I’d be more inclined to give someone a ‘break’ if they showed more concern for others and less media savvy manipulation.

    I’m quite sure Veitch has had a bad year, but I would’ve expected the year that these incidents happened in to have been an even worse time. And to be honest, no matter how much I do NOT want this guy to kill himself or to be harrassed by media, I just do not want to hear how bad it is for him. His mistake brought this on himself, he put off dealing with this for as long as he got away with, and quite frankly, every time I read of him feeling bad/poorly/stressed etc, I think of his ex partner and her pain, and then his current partner and the ‘trial’ she has gone through. In my tres humble opinion, for the best of everyone, he should just shut the fuck up, get on with fixing his own shit, and let justice take it’s course.

    As LG says, Tony is not the victim.

    We should start a drinking game – for every word in inverted commas, drink 2 shots.

  5. I’m amazed how Tony supporters keep referring to his alleged bashing of ex-girlfriend as a “mistake”?

    How does NZ accept such behavour as an accident or mistake?

  6. yeah its funy that, in a sad way – ‘alleged’ and ‘mistake’ in the same sentence, those ‘supporters’ dont sound very convinced..

    (yay, 6 shots for me)

  7. Are you saying that it was not a mistake and that he has no regrets for what he has done?

    I have followed this story reasonably closely and all I can say is that from what I can see Tony Veitch has taken responsibility for his actions. He has openly admitted that it was wrong and he makes no excuses for what he has done.

    Why kick someone whilst they are down?

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  9. Ahh Sports Fan, “Why kick someone whilst they are down?” you’re just giving them away for free.

  10. I am pleased to see Tony Veitch back on television and thanks to Deaker for supporting him.
    He has admitted he is guilty and has taken responsibility for his actions. What totally disgusts me is that this series of events will not have closure until 2010. It makes me wonder why this is being dragged out for so long -there must be a reason – if anyone knows I would love to know.
    It seems to be forgotten that Ms Dunne-Powell was quite happy to accept considerable funds in lieu of her plight (please note no way am I condoning what happened to her, however) and all the while I understand accepting ACC payments for a ‘supposed accident’, not to mention the fact that a police detective that has been part of this investigation from the beginning is a friend of Ms Dunne-Powell’s, how can this investigation be viewed as unbiased.

  11. lockedgroove

    that all sounds interesting but is beside the point – his court date is set for 2010 and utill that is over with it is unfair that tony be allowed to charm public opinion by having access to the largest marketing tool we have.

    in no way is that fair.

    the court system is backlogged – even kiss arse tony cant leap frog his way to an earlier date… boo freaking hoo.

  12. oppinions allowed

    Kristen did accept the funds from tony and ACC which, cosidering that she later pressed charges for Assault, was wrong. Tony was stressed because he was sholdering 3 major jobs and was on medication and counciling for the stress. It was wrong that Tony Lashed out but it’s not like everybodys perfect. I’m no sports fan, or a tony supporter for that matter, but think about it, if some random Nigel nobody did the same thing, the media would not have even noticed

  13. oppinions allowed

    p.s. “Why kick someone whilst they are down?” is that not what tony did to kristen to cause the whole issue in the first place?

  14. Totally agree with ‘Opinions allowed’, two wrongs don’t make a right but some people seem to have overlooked this. As for charming the public we the public can draw our own opinions and if you don’t want to watch his programme ‘Locked Groove’ then it’s simple – don’t! I’m no sports fan either, neither have I watched the show, I just think he should be allowed to get on with it and was it fair Kristen pocketed the cash and deceived ACC thus collecting twice? No and being a tax payer I’m far from impressed with her behaviour.

  15. lockedgroove

    Kristen is in fact well within her right to claim ACC or any other insurance she may be entitled to.
    recieving ‘hush’ money from tony has nothing to do with it with any insurance claim..

    the law will catch up with her also if any wrong doing is found.

  16. lockedgroove

    well at least we can agree the we are not sports fans or tony supporters..

  17. oh please move on……he did wrong she did wrong by going to his place there are so many if’s….but the damage is done why go on about it its not gonna change a thing but keep the negative crap rolling over. how ’bout some energy into the ‘no smacking bill’ that hasn’t saved the poor murdered children in n.z. the amount of time pssing that bill could have been spent on our good green person finding out through cyps the at risk families and going into their homes to maybe have saved possibly at least one of those children…..

  18. lockedgroove

    yes stacy – why go on about it, why are you going on about it?

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