Boy Racer crush gone bad

Don’t crush ’em!  Does anyone else think this is a total waste of resource?  Not to mention unnecessarily violent.  It ain’t the car that’s the problem, it’s the driver. 

The Government is looking at law changes to create a new boyracing related offence and may even give police powers to crush the cars of repeat offenders.

I think they should take cars off of repeat offenders, boy racers and drunk drivers.  Then they should sell the cars to pay for the cost of policing the crackdown.   And take off any of those ridiculous I have a small dick but I have a big bore exhausts.  Totally crush up those lousy loud buggers, foreshore.  But, don’t waste the rest of a perfectly good car.  Not when, as a planet, we ought to be looking at ways to get by without the damned things.  Aloha.

I dread to think what the boy racers will do instead on Saturday nights.  Anyone want to hazard a guess?


5 responses to “Boy Racer crush gone bad

  1. “Does anyone else think this is a total waste of resource? ” – yes.

    Take them, sell them, don’t give the owners any of the money back as happens now, but don’t add to the world’s waste problems by crushing them

  2. i agree, crushing them would be unbelievably stupid..
    Judith Collins is an idiot.

  3. Crushing cars is stupid.. But bigger exhaust are fine as they give the car more power and help the engine flow better, its the one that stick only a tip on that are fags.

  4. more is beter:

  5. its not gona work, ther just gonna go get another car an do the same thng, some guys spend alot of money on those cars and its a waste to just smash’em up dont ya think.

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