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Aww. This is sooo adorable.


Stuck at Prom

Kiwi students attending School Ball this year ought to take note.  Stuck at Prom is a competition run by duct tape brand, Duck Tape.  Create a prom outfit made of duct tape, show fashionability and originality and you may just win a $3k scholarship.

Last years winners spent over 140 hours making their outfits.


Mind the gap

Street art rocks.  3D rocks.  Put ’em together, and I can hardly contain my frothing excitement. 


These huge, amazing optical illusions by German artist Edgar Mueller were created as a part of a 30th anniversary of a street painting competition held in Germany every summer.  Read more about the crevasse and other works of Mueller here.

He spent five days, working 12 hours a day, to create the 250 square metre image of the crevasse, which, viewed from the correct angle, appears to be 3D. He then persuaded passers-by to complete the illusion by pretending the gaping hole was real.


This video shows how it’s done. 

This is why you’re fat

Eek.  This website is fantastic and ridiculous and awful, all at once.

baconmeatBacon-wrapped Meatloaf with a layer of Mac and Cheese

bfryFrench fry-encased Hot Dog on a stick

Things you should have seen already

This list is apparently the definitive list of everything you should have looked at on the interwebs.  99 sites and viral vids make the list, so there is bound to be something you haven’t seen before, shame out.

Over 26 mill have checked out the Numa Numa vid (#8) on YouTube.

I can’t check out PostSecret  (#5) without shedding tears or suffering creative mental blocks for my own potential secret postcards.

I’ve witnessed Icanhascheezburger (#24), with it’s crazy LOLcats crew, actually bringing people together over large glass tables in tense corporate boardroom meetings.  Tis true.

Willitblend (#58) has been a staple fave for a while now.  I love sites that offer don’t try this at home warnings.

How I managed to miss The Best Wedding Toast Ever – Amy’s song, I dunno, just lucky I guess.  Well, I was until I clicked on (#81).  I somehow made it to 5:47.  Cringe factor 29412.

I also hadn’t seen the brilliant Matrix Ping Pong vid (#84) before.  Shame on me.  Well worth a squiz.

So, here I am, several hours later, and 99 things I’m meant to have seen, seen.  Done.  Ta-da. I need a tshirt or something “I’ve seen all that is worthwhile on le web” – and I had better go advise my ISP that we are ovah.  What a relief, this internet shiz was taking up heaps of my time.

Engrish as a sign language

Here are some of my fave of the latest offerings from


Genius.  I have this sign on order, precisely the attitude I have with neighbours/robbers.


Was this meant to be Very Superstitious?  Cos, now I have that annoying song in my head.


This label makes me hungry.  I love chlorine free coleslaw.


Not just depresso espresso, but deep espresso depresso


Another necessary sign to alert others of my overall unavailability to address their needs.

Blacked out: Stand up against ‘Guilt Upon Accusation’ for NZ


Bits on the Side is blacked out today to protest against the Guilt Upon Accusation law ‘Section 92A’ that calls for internet disconnection based on accusations of copyright infringement without a trial and without any evidence held up to court scrutiny. This is due to come into effect on February 28th unless immediate action is taken by the National Party.

 New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. is against this unjust law - help us

Join thousands of New Zealanders already against this law by blacking out your Facebook photo, your websites, your Myspace pages, your Twitter account, in protest against this unjust new law that may come into effect on February 28.

Sign the petition here.