Creative pet grooming

I’m always looking for new ways to torture* the cat.  This book gets waved in his face whenever I feel creative, or remember I own the book, or whenever the cat looks at me funny and I feel creative and I remember I have the book.  Anyway, the point is, animals don’t really like being dressed up and painted, then shown to the world.  Tis embarrassing for them.  Meanwhile, us humans find it amazing and slash or hilarious. 

We are so the more advanced of the mammal species.  Oh yes. 

dcindychickenCindy looks thrilled to represent California as a chicken

dragon2Cindy wins again, the dragon with the mostest pink nail polish

dleonardoodle1Cindy losing face chin as Leonardoodle from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

For more funny pics of the fabulous Cindy posing as various things that are not dogs, click here.  Now that would be a good paint job; painting a poodle to look like a bulldog!  Or painting a cat to be a poodle!  Genius.  Now, where has my cat got to?

* Mental anguish and torture, people.  Please don’t write in complaining.  Truth be known, Lita is the one with the foot long scars and greeted most mornings with a paw-claw in the eye.  Lita’s cat is the one living a long free ride of meat, sleep and squeak.  If I want to spend 2 minutes a day pretending I’m the boss; questioning the cat about his whereabouts, making him chase lemons like a dog would a ball, insisting he recite Maori place names (Kumeu) and then call that torture, I blimmin well will.


3 responses to “Creative pet grooming

  1. I was annoyed/disgusted at first, but then I was totally won over by Leonardo (the blue Ninja Turtle) – inspired! Genius!

  2. Haha, i knew pets were useful for something.

  3. i love your creations. because of you, ill be attempting my first creative grooming on a white standard poodle. my dream is to groom celebrities dogs all over america. i do have a question though. they say that red is the hardest color to get out of a dogs coat …so…what brand of hair color comes out the best?

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