Hall & Oates: Totally Gone

This video is supreme!  An absolute classic low budget, high drama, rock’n’soul, bizarre epic.  Circa 1974.

Hall & Oates are higher than a giraffe’s left bollock.  They forget they are meant to be lip synching, with Hall even managing a few sly drags of his ciggy during his ‘singing’ part.  His eyebrow raise suggests he vaguely recalled there was something he was meant to be doing, but quick as a flash the flicker flickers out and he inhales another drag.  I doubt very much we can blame the stylist for that socks and sandals get up.

Oates starts off in a sleeveless tux, but by the end of the vid has morphed into a penguin sans head, with unique flappy bits for hands.  Neither H or O quite manage to nail the tricky choreography moves; throwing fake wonga at a cheeky devil in red tights ain’t easy ya know, spesh when you’re flying so high.

All this cinematic excitement plus some random woman repeatedly walking out on the guys, it’s almost too much for the senses.  Brilliant vid!

Interesting Wiki fact of the post:  H&O first met hiding out in the same elevator.  What a cool ‘how we first met’ story!  They had both been performing in a competition in Philadelphia with their respective bands when gunfire was exchanged between rival gangs outside the venue, Hall & Oates both ran for the same service lift, holed up and used the time to get to know each other, in a musical way.  The rest is history, thankfully captured on film and brought to us via the youtubulars.


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