Chewing the end of the pencil

Fancy pants restaurants have been using chocolate curls on their sweet treats for ages.


The chocolate curls look like pencil shavings, which must be why Nendo came up with this awesome chocolate pencil set, complete with pencil sharpener, so you can create your own posh nosh. 


There’s a range of flavours from light milk to dark bittersweet chocolate, much like real pencils that come in HB, B, 2B etc.  Funky and tasty.

4 responses to “Chewing the end of the pencil

  1. Yum – so much easier than trying to make curls from a block with a knife or peeler.

  2. What, not white chocolate…surely the nicest but why complain, they would all taste better than lead and my chocoholic son would be stoked if Santa had bought him these for school!

  3. Homepaddock – I cut myself more often with peelers than I do with knives. Don’t even ask about my plastic fork scars.

    Medusa – I wondered why no white chocolate also, although I guess there aren’t many white pencil leads (apart from good ole invisible ink).

  4. Do you know if they are for sale?

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