The end of the Woolworths era

Jeesh!  Here we go.

Next trip you take to visit England, your sweet lolly selection options are completely limited, happy new year!  Well, thank you very blimmin much.  Doesn’t bode well for 09 really, now, does it?

I’m trying hard not to buy into the nostalgic sadness surrounding the closing of Woolworths in the UK, but I can’t help but worry; the next time I’m visiting London, where the hell else am I gonna go to buy just the strawberry fondant flavoured chocolates? 


Woolies pick’n’mix got me through many a dull grey Sunday when I lived in Europe.  Whilst not quite a hangover cure, there was something pretty deadly cool about being able to avoid all the stupid chocolates with nuts in them and greedily scoop up all the orange and strawberry fondant chocs, with zero judgement from others. 

You try going for just the red and orange jellybeans/jet planes at your local Four Square – good luck!  There’d be tut tuts from dairy owners and a gaggle of dirty-faced children watching your every move.  Total lolly mare.

The folk at Sickipedia aren’t wallowing in loss and nostalgia of the closing of Woolies, nope – they are giving le credit crunch a good ole ribbing, attempting to invent sick jokes in the name of Woolworths.  Ahhh.  Tis sad, non? Grief plays out differently for us all.

I was in Woolworths the other day.

They had a Prince figurine on sale for £20.

Still, I partied like it was £19.99.


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