And so Oprah hides her sofa

Rumours have it that Katie Holmes is pregnant with her and Tom Cruise’s second child. 

The Batman Begins actress – who has a two-year-old daughter, Suri, with husband Tom Cruise – sparked rumours she is expecting again after she was spotted wearing a loose-fitting shirt and long scarf to hide an apparent baby bump.

A source said: “Katie looked glowing and happy and kept placing a protective hand over her stomach. Even though she was trying to keep it covered, you could definitely see the beginnings of a bump.”

I’ve been feeling sorry for Tom and Nicole Kidman’s adopted children, who barely got a mention in both Kidman and Cruise’s recent televised appearances.  They both gushed about their respective biological babies, neglecting to talk about the existing kids, and in Nicole’s appearance on The View her forehead totally acted like Sunday Roast Rose is her first child.  Or maybe it was just the edit job.  Whatevs, I’m printing Team Isabella and Connor tshirts. 

Tom also said his experience as a parent helped when Katie gave birth to Suri.

He explained: “It was especially nice as it was Kate’s first time. I’ve been around kids my whole life but it’s different when they’re yours.


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