Everything P Money does is what I want want need need

How great is this tune by local production King, P Money

How brilliant is it, despite the radio freak schedulers shoving their playlist down our throats, when you love the song they decide to put on high rotation?  Overplayed is not over-rated.  Say morena to NZ’s song of le summer. 

In ten years time, you will hear this tune, remember how it was totally overplayed that summer, how it had that kooky cheap-looking video, but oh how it made you groove, all the way back in crazy 08-09, and then you shall smile and groove once more to the sleek beats of P Money and the vocals of Vince Harder.  Guaranteed.

The lyrics have already made it online, and the track is getting air and promotion from overseas DJs and producers.  Check out Zane Lowe’s remix.

One response to “Everything P Money does is what I want want need need

  1. * OH MY GOD *

    I really dont want to be one of those hater bloggers that just be plain mean.


    What on earth is it with the people on his shoulders? Feautring failed True Bliss family members? That video sucks ass.

    And god Little Wayne with 7 Grammy nominations.

    Whats next P Muney feat. Lil Wayne.

    More like Little Penis.

    Why doesnt 50 cent just shoot all this fakers.

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