Credit Crunchy Christmas

Now, this story is just a tad ridiculous. 

A man who has celebrated Christmas every day for the last 14 years with a full roast dinner, champagne and presents is scaling back his celebrations because of the credit crunch, it was revealed today.

Andy Park, known as Mr Christmas, has munched his way through 117,600 sprouts, quaffed 5,110 bottles of Moet, and sent himself more than 230,000 Christmas cards since his festive fetish began.

But this year the 44-year-old electrician, from Melksham, Wiltshire, is having to make swingeing cuts to keep his unique devotion to Yuletide on the road.

Divorced Mr Park said: ‘I’ve been through 37 electric ovens and worn out 23 video recorders by watching the Queen’s Speech every day. I’ve also sent myself 235,206 Christmas cards. But these days the postage is so dear I’m having to deliver them myself.

‘The credit crunch is getting to me big time and I may even have to cut out the champagne and start singing for my Christmas dinner.

Aloha!! He was paying postage to send himself hundreds of thousands of cards each year!  What an out’n’out nutter.  There’s nowt wrong with writing yourself the odd Christmas or Birthday card, ahem, and there is certainly nothing wrong with proudly hanging/displaying the generic cards the Post Office and Insurance company send every year.  Ahem.  Tis nice that Sky TV remembers our anniversary. 

Anyway – what is not ok is leaving the house to travel to the Post Office, to pay for stamps, to wait for snail mail to deliver a wee card to the same address it originated from.  What an utter nutter!  Don’t even get me started on the brussel sprouts.


The daily champagne and 95,000 mince pies sound totally reasonable, however.


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