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Merry Happy to one and all

If blogging is bitty, blame the big guy.



Humanoid Robot

This reminds me of a million sci-fi films, some rancid, some brilliant. 


Scientists have created the first ‘humanoid’ robot that can mimic the facial expressions and lip movements of a human being.

‘Jules’ – a disembodied androgynous robotic head – can automatically copy the movements, which are picked up by a video camera and mapped on to the tiny electronic motors in his skin.

It can grin and grimace, furrow its brow and ‘speak’ as his software translates real expressions observed through video camera ‘eyes’.

Oh, the possibilities.  I envisage tons of fat robots, helping make their owner look slim.  And hot ones.  Loads of hot, humanoid, expressionful, wannabes.  I’d make them ride with me in the car – not only would I get to use the express lane, it would make others tres jealous of my bundle of hot bots.

See footage of Jules expressing the hell out of himself here.

Best emergency landing ever

Blimmin’ wings and their random loose bits.

When I own my own plane, I shall hire this guy as my pilot.  And order extra superglue on the wings.

Things to do over the festive season

Alcohol may have been involved.


I kicked Mummy at 11:38

I’m all for technology, but come on, setting up your baby’s Facebook page and posting regular kick and burp status updates, is taking it too far, surely Shirley?


Now expectant mums can share the experience with their friends on internet networking sites, such as Facebook.

Many parents already create Facebook pages for their newborns, updating them regularly with pictures for friends and family.

But expectant mothers will be able to share their baby’s progress before they even give birth after the development of a pregnancy belt that records their movements and downloads the information to the website.

The Kickbee sends a signal to a computer every time the baby moves, with a message such as: ‘I kicked mummy at 11:38am.’

Sock ‘n Awe

Playing this game gives me unadulterated joy.


Better than Beckham?

This guy is good.

But that bum is no Beckham bum.