Which classic arcade game are you?

Please let me be Pacman, please let me be Pacman, puhleeeeeeease …

digdugWhich classic arcade game are you?

Oh man, I am so old.  I remember Dig Dug, he was no Pacman, but at least I’m not a Space Invader.

6 responses to “Which classic arcade game are you?

  1. I’m pac man!

  2. Popeye!

    Anybody remember a game called “Mr Du” ?

  3. I’m Gauntlet ….

  4. vdog – Nooooo way. How’d you do it? j.e.a.l.o.u.s.

    Stormy – Popeye is tres chic, sure, but he was in an arcade game with Mr Du? Ok, worth a google, will check it out.

    Zef – Oo, like that was a surprise! I could’ve told you that without the quiz.

  5. I came in as Gauntlet

  6. It was actually “Mr Do” Lita, separate game to Popeye.
    Look him up on Wiki, fun game

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