Maori and Tory up a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g

A Maori-National coalition? It will never happen! Or at least, that’s what Stuff political blogger Colin Espiner said a week or so before the NZ election.  He also promised to eat his blog post if he was wrong.  Uhoh.

Shortly before the general election, Espiner blogged that there was no way the Maori Party would form a coalition with National.  The On The House blogger was quite sure of this.

“I’ll say this: the Maori Party will not go into a coalition government with National.

“If I’m proved wrong after the election, I’ll print out this blog and eat it, live on webcam.”

As we know now, the Maori Party and National have not formed a coalition but have entered a confidence and supply agreement.

While Espiner still maintains there is a difference, he has made good on his promise and – much to the delight of his readers – today he swallowed his blog.

“I decided I didn’t want to be like the politicians and try and wriggle out of things,” he said.

Watch Colin literally eat his words, mixed with some yoghurt and banana.  I spotted severe frustration, fear and anger just from his paper ripping technique (3:07).

Anyone remember the good ole days when we had nothing but hats to eat, and noone to film the event, let alone post it all over the non-existent interwebs?

Colin is the brother of Guyon Espiner, TVNZ’s political editor.  I wonder how sibling rivalry played out in that house.

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