TVNZ and Hannah Hodson are not tickled Pink

Hannah Hodson has now resigned as TVNZ’s Australian correspondent after an incident where she upset rock star, Pink.


The singer walked out, and her angry manager then reportedly tried to take the video tape but ended up in a scuffle with two TVNZ employees.

The interview was intended for current affairs show Close Up, but sources said it was so bad it would never screen. Hodson was called back to New Zealand to explain herself.

The footage from the interview, that Pink’s people tried to physically prise from the hairy claws of the TVNZ crew, has now been viewed by a number of TVNZers who apparently have been told to remain mute and not to repeat what they saw on tape, or else lose their jobs. 


I’ve heard that the tape shows Hodson making a fool of herself, and crossing professional lines when she asks Pink about her (Hannah’s) sister’s former employment with Pink.  Although, TVNZ deny that.  But remember, this is the same state broadcaster who initially said they didn’t know anything about Tony Veitch’s incident either.  Also, TVNZ had no problem hiring Hodson immediately after her firing from TV3 for unethically revealing a colleague’s source.  Noice. 

The spokeswoman said Hodson’s resignation had brought the investigation to an end. She declined to say whether Hodson had been forced to resign. “However … the issue had nothing to do with Ms Hodson’s sister’s employment.”

Other issues “arising from the interview with Pink” had sparked the inquiry.

Pass the salt, I need to pinch a grain.  This is why I don’t trust TVNZ to report my News anymore.

Jeesh, you’d have thought Hodson could just ask her sister what happened with Pink, herself.  Who is her sister anyway?  Is anyone else now nosy about what her sister did to get fired from Pink’s staff?

Straight after the fracas with Hodson, Pink interviewed with C4’s Phil Bostwick.  Click here to view the C4 interview and see a shaken Pink discuss the mental health of Hannah Hodson.  You can also hear Hodson shrieking at Pink’s staff at the start of the vid.

I totally expect the full tape (hereby known as Hodsongate) to be leaked and end up on YouTube in the not-so distant future.  These days, doesn’t everything end up on YouTube?  The story has even made Defamer, who also hope for a Hodsongate leak.

4 responses to “TVNZ and Hannah Hodson are not tickled Pink

  1. Does anyone actually know the question that was asked to Pink about Hannah Hodsons sister?

  2. compliancefiction

    Unfortunately we’ll never see the tape. My contacts at TVNZ can’t get hold of it and they’re often pretty good at illegaly posting stuff to youtube. Suffice to say if TVNZ ever employed me I’d work hard to get my hands on it.

  3. I’ve heard that Hodson had been drinking, and that while her questions about her sister weren’t that offensive, her overall demeanor during other questions was. But, this is all just stuff I’ve read off le net or heard from birdies who know birdies who once slept with birdies at telly related companies.

  4. She said something along the lines of you must know my sister *#%&@ and pink and her crew tried to take the tape and tvnz crew successfully attempted to keep the tape. I’m not sure if her sister was actually fired by pink as she works as she only works as a pa seasonally..she may have just gone back to her other work.

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