Karmachick sells Moron’s ring before Skanky Ho can get her hands on it

Oo.  Trademe auctions can be so complex.  This one has a long story, but a simple message.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Buy a new ring, Moron.


*All proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House*
After being with my boyfriend of 8 Years (who shall now be referred to as moron) proposed to me while we were on holiday together. The moron did his best to be romantic and to his credit didnt do a half bad job of it and I agreed to marry the moron. A couple of months before getting engaged, being the good person I am, I suggested to moron that once a month we should donate our time at a centre(that shall remain nameless) that looks after animals. It was at this place that we first met the woman who I shall now refer to as “Skanky Hoe”.

We became quite friendly with SH over the next 8 months as SH was quite often rostered at the same time that moron and I would go and help out. We even adopted our second dog from her. (Quite ironic we got a dog from a dog) On the night of my 28th birthday I spent the night at home by myself whilst unbeknown to me moron was having a romantic dinner on the beach with SH. I later found out that this was because the night of my birthday was the first time moron slept with SH. The day after my birthday moron broke up with me telling me that after 9 years together he felt he had a better connection with SH then he did with me and later revealed that he believed that SH is his “soulmate ” even though after he had left me and been with SH for some time told me that the sex we had was much better and asked if I would ever consider having one last fling with him – which of course I didnt as I have too much respect for myself to sleep with a moron especially this particular moron!

This auction came about after the moron txted me the other week and told me he wanted his engagement ring back!! (A source has told me he wants to give it to SH) now not only is the moron acting like a moron but now he is acting like an a**hole to boot!

So after much debate with family and friends I have decided to put it up for auction with a $1 reserve and all proceeds shall be donated to Ronald McDonald House.


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