Bye Aunty Helen

Aww.  I, for one, will miss her.


A few questions after last night’s election result:

  • Who on earth will be able to fill Helen’s massive, sensible shoes?  
  • Won’t it be nice to see her in something other than a red jacket?
  • Have you ever seen John Key looking so happy?
  • How totally shamed was JK’s daughter standing on the stage with him last night?
  • Should Key have gone all Obama-esque and offered the whanau a new pet, just to elicit a teensy smile from the kids?
  • Will the right wing blogosphere change now they are no longer the underdogs?
  • How close did the celebrating Nats come to boo-ing Helen Clark live on national TV, whilst their leader was trying to give a gracious speech?
  • Will we now see the return of political satire to our telly screens?
  • Why didn’t TVNZ commission an election special Facelift episode?
  • Will Lita’s Mother ever forgive my vote?
  • Will this post-vote-guilt subside? 

One response to “Bye Aunty Helen

  1. lil_miz_cheeky

    Nice photo. I too will miss her 😦

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