Time to Vote

Oh Jeez.  I’ve been willing this day to hurry up and come for ages. 

So, here we are, today is the NZ general election.  Unfortunately, I am totally sick.  Overcome from suffering post-US-election-traumatic-stress, mixed with a severe bout of pre-NZ-election-confusion-tension. 


I still don’t know who to vote for!  And it gives me a sickly feeling in my puku.

I know who I don’t want to win.  I know my electorate vote counts big time because of the close race factor, that is, if I’m understanding MMP correctly (which, quite likely, I’m not).  I know I don’t want to waste my vote.  I know that none of the politicians offer what I would like to see in one portfolio.  Yip.  But, I still don’t know who I do want to give my votes to.

I blame MMP, it’s made this process far too painful.  And it doesn’t make sense anyway, if the two bigger parties are given the most votes, why don’t we make them have to work together to form a parliament?  Why do all those littlies that the majority did not vote for end up having the power?  Why is it so unreasonable for National and Labour to work together, or National and Greens, for that matter? 

Aargh!  My brain is hurting.  New plan: vote, but vote later.  

Procrastination always wins Lita’s vote.


8 responses to “Time to Vote

  1. Nooo it’s your Party Vote that’s most important! Your electorate vote only counts for your local MP.

    Most of the parties (with one notable exception) have already said who they want to be in government, so just vote for the one with the best mix of policies you like. :o)

  2. I realised that my party vote was important, I just meant that because my electorate is where it is, it also mattered. And having to make 2 ticks, is just 1 too many. These things ought to be simple, for complex folk like me.

    I’ve been semi suffering post vote guilt since 18:45 last night. It’s tres strange voting a different way for the first time. Amazing how this shiz affects you. I blame Obama.

  3. lil_miz_cheeky

    You take the blue pill: the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

    You take the red pill: you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
    – Morpheus, The Matrix

    Sadly though I never took any of the pills and would it have made any difference? Probably not 🙂 Nothing is going to change.

  4. Oo cheeky, you are so naughty. Do you know how many women had to fight to gain your right to vote? Do you know how many people around the world are blocked from voting, or without that right? Oo – you are officially getting the full Lita Lecture next time I see you.

  5. But, I loved The Matrix reference. I may not really be awake, who knows!

  6. Lita, Lita, Lita, what have you done??. You’ve deserted a “sinking ship”, I thought I’d brought you up to know better. You’ve broken my heart, and no words of comfort, if that’s what you call your “lame” excuse, will mend it, unless you of course say the “magic” words, you know what they are miss!!. The ones that will make you a non-miss!!. Don’t think I don’t know what’s good for you. I certainly know what’s NOT good for you!. And voting for John Key and his cronies is one of them. Think o’ all yir “clansmen” lassie!!. But don’t worry your pretty wee heid, I still luv ya!. And once your father is over the “shock” he will too no doubt. But next time, you’re out of the “will”, so don’t say you’ve not been warned!.

  7. Oh Mum. You left this plea too late. And, did I say I voted for JK?

    I shall now make a sentence from all the words you put in quote marks…

    Sinking ship, lame magic, will shock clansmen.

  8. lil_miz_cheeky

    I think it’s my bf who you should be giving the lecture to. He didn’t even register!!! 😛

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