Celebrate Obama Win and Unfair & Unbalanced Political Comedy

I want my very own Obama!  The exciting U.S. election has made the upcoming Kiwi election seem tres, tres dull. Double tres, cos it was always gonna be a little dry and dulldom. 

Imagine how easy this election would be if we had an inspiring figure like that to vote for?  *big fat sigh*

Oo.  There are only 309,000,000 entries for Obama according to Uncy Goog.  Why so few? 


236.com have been a hilarious go-to during the U.S. elections, today they post:

Last night, American voters proved themselves to be very different than what most of the world had assumed. Since 2000, the world was certain that the majority of Americans were of such low intelligence that we needed constant care. Last night, we sent out a message loud and clear: “Despite our decisions as an electorate for the past eight years, we, as a people, are actually not severely retarded. Sorry for the misunderstanding and, um, those wars.”

My fave article is this post on the 5 stupidest things to happen this election:

1. Levi agreed to marry Bristol

Knocking up the Governor’s daughter is one notch on the belt that any cocksman as skilled as Levi Johnston would be a fool to pass up. When a young man as sexually and sensually alive as Levi manages something like that at the young age of 17, it’s clearly the beginning of his career as a playboy, and he’s not looking for a chance to settle down.

2. Those two weeks of Democratic pants-shitting after Sarah Palin joined McCain’s ticket

3. Biden delivered a speech titled, “The End of the World Will Occur Exactly Six Months From January 20th, 2009”

4. Obama revealed his closely guarded communist agenda to an unlicensed plumber he happened to bump into in the street

5. Ashley Todd scratched a backwards B in her face when a backwards O would have been much more convincing

Of all the stupid things that are wrong with that Ashley Todd scam, this is the one that we just can’t get our heads around. Why not an O? It’s immediate. It’s easy to carve. And you can’t do it effing backwards! If it had been an O, we predict that story would have stayed alive through the whole weekend. Instead, they picked it apart within 18 hours. Crazy is one thing, but crazy and stupid? That’s just bad politics.

This post with presumed text messages throughout election night is a real craic: 

Bill Ayers to Obama, 6:51pm: I bet u think I voted 4 u.

Obama to Ayers, 6:56pm: Now is not the time, Bill.

Ayers to Obama, 7:04pm: I am pissing on 19 American flags right now.

– – – –

Palin to McCain, 7:36pm: If we lose tonight, u can totally be my Chief of Staff in 2012. 😉 😉 😉 😉

McCain to Palin, 7:48pm: You can be my thing I kill right now, in 2008.

Palin to McCain, 7:53pm: The Maverick don’t stop! LOL! 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉

Here is my text conversation with an American friend who lives here, in NZ:

Lita, 15:25:  O won Ohio.  Weeee!  Grant Park crowd looks amazing

USA in NZ, 15:26: I wish i was there! 

Lita, 16:47: O 220, M 138, Fox says O won Virginia!

USA in NZ, 16:47: Argh. I wee my pants!

Lita, 17:01: Yay they called it 4 Obama

USA in NZ, 17:01: What?!

Lita, 17:02: CNN called it.  O pres elect. I teary

USA in NZ, 17:03: Yeah!!! I going to run around office now!  Woot woot!  Will be drinking till jan when he gets sworn in

Yes folks, it’s pants wetting stuff.   

I don’t expect formal thanks from BO, but I’d like to think that the big karma sent from our lil’ Good Luck Obama party in Auckland on Tuesday night helped in some wee way.

Now, I just cannot wait to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s pain on The View when it screens here next week.  It’s going to be such a relief to drop my 263,495 times a day visits to HuffPo, and to stop tearing up at the moving scenes of people rallying in the cold and queueing for hours to vote for change.  I’m still planning to check in at Mudflats; watching for further news to break on Sarah Palin’s fiscal ways.  Don’t forget to check out the latest update to PalinAsPresident.

I suspect the international buzzword ‘change’, of the past weeks and months, will make an impact on the NZ election this weekend.  We may not have an Obama, but we still have a chance to make a change.


5 responses to “Celebrate Obama Win and Unfair & Unbalanced Political Comedy

  1. sono un raga ho 22an cio un cazzo grosso e grandi.

  2. Very funny…I’m proud to say I did my part as one of 64 million Americans who voted for Obama. –DHS

  3. i didnt realize just how bored i would be of the NZ election after the US one finished..
    the next person who compares Key to Obama will get my most evil eye – or a kick in the shins.

  4. Rida – um, yeah. I was unable to fully translate. But, yip, now Obama is in, everything is just grandi.

    David – Yay you!! Thankfully so many voted that even when they cheat, the count still works for O. I’ve been watching the Alaska count closely.

    LG – That kick hurt. Kidding. He ain’t Obama, no blimmin way. But, unfort for us, none of our lot are. But, ‘change’ was key.

  5. Good day!

    Although not exactly relating to the thread please allow me, dear friend, to tell you of the newest home of British comedy on the online.

    English For Dirty Foreigners is the only show on the internets that will lie to you outrightly about British language, traditions, customs and stuffs.
    Oh yes, we have many stuffs.


    Come for the comedy.
    Stay for the hilarity.

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