Westfield breeds in London

Ugh.  Ugly ole Westfield furthered their attempt to take over quaint High Street shopping in the UK yesterday.  

London is the latest UK site of the Westfield uber mall.  I say latest, because believe me, watch out Britain, these things multiply like rabid rabbits on E.  Before you know it, there are big huge concrete blots on the landscape, acres of poorly designed car parking, with an unavoidable giant W looming above you.  And that’s only the outside.  Once you’re in, you’re trapped.  Seriously! 

Good luck if you need the loo, or want to jot back to the car to dump off some shopping.  Oh yes, London can look forward to “shopping in a new light”, which of course must be homage to the bright false lighting that tricks your mind into thinking it’s always midday, like a sleazy casino.  Only the ridiculous elevator routes – a trademark of Westfield, and the questionable value for money of the food hall reminds you that you’re in mega mall hell.

Ok, ok, blimmin Westfield can be convenient.  But, I’m spot on about their hard to locate bathrooms, crazy elevator and parking plans, and I despise the negative impact it has on the little guy on the High Street.

Jeesh.  Since watching this wee film, everything comes back to the story of stuff.  Non recyclable soft drinks are already nixed on Lita’s list, Westfield may just have to be next.


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