Time is fleeting red light flashes

As long as they don’t do this to Aotea Square,  we should be ok.

Council unveils baffling ‘art clock’ that cost taxpayers £32,500 – but no-one can tell what time it shows.

Barnsley councillor Malcolm Price said: ‘I went to have a look at this clock but couldn’t see it. “I saw some red lines and dashes and thought I must be on the wrong side of the building. In the end I just gave up, turned my head to the right and looked at the old Town Hall clock instead.”

When told it was a clock, nightclub promoter Dan Ogden, 19, of Carlton, Barnsley said: “This has got to be the single most stupid, most pointless thing I have ever seen in my life.”

I love the word ‘baffling’, totally under-utilised.


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