Stir fried Wikipedia

You know you’ve made it when your name is misused on a Chinglish sign.


5 responses to “Stir fried Wikipedia

  1. I can’t even think what they could have confused it with, so now I’m really curious… It’s not like it’s just a few letters off ‘pork’ or ‘chicken’, is it?

  2. Mmmmm wikipedia

  3. Usage of the word “wikipedia” here appears to correspond to the word “chicken”, perhaps as a result of the following exhange:

    “How do I translate ‘chicken'”?
    “Use Wikipedia”

  4. How funny, well Wikipedia is far from chicken! I wonder how long it actually took for them to figure out the translation was wrong, or maybe they still don’t know. It would be even funnier if they still didn’t have a clue even though it’s been posted across the web. Maybe they’ll decide to use a translation agency for the reprint. I guess that’s one way of ensuring they don’t waste their money again.

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