Say no to Bob the Builder’s bedding

Check out this kiwi company for bright, modern designs in bedding and accessories for your baby or toddler. 

They have the opposite of mass produced bedding, covered in the latest twee Disney character or licenced brand, instead Holly Chic offer quality, handmade, boutique products. 

Come on, does your baby really like that SpongeBob Squarepants* pillowcase?

Dick and Jane: way classier than Bob and Dora

So, if you think cheeky Dora the Explorer and that fame-whore, Barbie, have had quite enough time in the limelight – or maybe you’re just sick of Bob the Builder running the household, then Holly Chic can drag your child out of telly character hell and into reasoned, modern living.

Spring Sale of pregnancy, babies and kids products

Sunday 19th October, 10am—2pm

Mt Albert War Memorial Hall

Corner Wairere Ave & New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland

If you purchase (online) any change mat in October, you receive a set of baby wash cloths for free.

*Big ups to SpongeBob, I love you brother!  I just don’t want to lay my head next to you all night, and I don’t think ickle bickle babies should be subjected to that either.  No offence SB.  You rock, for a cartoon underwater critter.  But, ya know.  Classy sheets is classy sheets.


One response to “Say no to Bob the Builder’s bedding

  1. Big ups indeed to the sponge named Bob

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