John Campbell half dressed

Just one question came to mind after spying this Stuff article

Who the hell half-tjzuj‘d John Campbell? 

Ok, ok, I have more questions, when did I ever stop at just one?

  • Who thought it was a good idea to leave JC’s collar semi-erect?
  • How long did it take to get this rather stern and serious shot of that chirpy prankster?
  • Did the photographer mean for the large shadow behind John to look a little like a dirty fallen halo?
  • Oo, have I just ‘got it’?
  • Is this really a PR photo, or is it a before pic as JC rushed to get dressed and made up for telly cameras?  Bit pasty pre-makeup, aint he?
  • Should the Stuff headline have been ‘Campbell misled viewers that he had the ability to dress himself’?
  • Did Stuff pick this photo cos it makes John look staunch and well-hard, like only a misleading, ne’er-do-well can look?
  • Has anyone ever seen JC in a tshirt and shorts?
  • Is this Campbell’s facebook pic?
  • Do you think he’s hairy under all that suit or what?

5 responses to “John Campbell half dressed

  1. Someone on my twitter said they saw him putting gas in his car the other day, didn’t say what he was wearing.

    I’m not fond of this photo either

    And i can’t imgine him being hairy

  2. I think he was trying what my girlfriend loves to refer to as “the corporate bad-boy look”. Unfortunately, in order to perfect that look, you need to a) unbutton your top button as well, and b) not be John Campbell.

  3. I think the ruffled tie situation may be a reference to his dislike of going tie-less.
    TV3 head honchos recently sent down an edict saying JC had to look more casual and ditch the tie. He fumed but relented. He’s worn ties every day since he was like six or something…
    But it’s defo a green room shot…

  4. It makes him look like an old Mafia guy. But the good news is the Madame Tussauds wax doll will looks just the same.

  5. Oo, I am about to search for you on Twitter Snice.

    I love it when JC fumes, he does this thang with his nostrils.

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