Crispy credit crunch

If I didn’t know any better (read: if it wasn’t shoved down my throat every time I turn on the telly, open the paper or go online), I would think credit crunch was a new, tasty, chocolate-covered, hokey pokey and crisp biscuit delight, maybe in the shape of a dollar sign or a credit card.  Yes, credit crunch;  a crunchy chocolatey snack bar in credit cardy form, yu-um. 

But, dammit, I do know better.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t know anything about either glamping, or podslurping.  Read up on the new ‘words of the year’.

This is the year of the credit crunch, the nonebrity and glamping.

2008 has given the English language more than 100 new words and phrases which capture modern life, according to experts.

And while previous years have given us bling, bovvered, chav and carbon footprint, many of this year’s most popular words and phrases reflect the economic crisis.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.


2 responses to “Crispy credit crunch

  1. I’m quite chuffed to see “nonebrity” finally getting its recognition as a word. I actually invented it in 2000 and won a BBC Radio 4 (“Word Of Mouth”) competition judged by the late Miles Kington.

    So whoever began the current popularising of it must have a reasonably long memory …
    or …
    is one of the countless people I have bored stiff with this over the years !

  2. Wicked, I hope you got credit somewhere Chris.

    I continually make up words, but noone really cares. Take NZleb – my unique, and hard to read way of saying z-list celebs from NZ. My peers don’t understand me. Poor Lita.

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