Lard-like lumps of whale goo

If I saw a massive barnacle covered lump of lardy grease on the beach, I wouldn’t jump on top of it.  Let alone consider selling off lumps of the lump as sunblock, or calling the national press to take a photograph of me jumping on top of said barnacled lardy lump.

Aloha lady!! Get off the whale spitball.

After the first lump was reported at Wellington’s Breaker Bay at the weekend, opportunists tore into it, hoping it might be ambergris, a valuable spit or vomit excretion from sperm whales that is used in perfume. But it now seems more likely to be tallow or lard.

Ew.  So, at worst it’s a huge lump of lard, and at best it’s vomit from a sperm whale.  Either way, I wouldn’t go licking, sniffing or jumping on any unidentified lumps you come across on the beach.

Is anyone else concerned that lumps of lard are appearing on our beaches?  Jeesh.  Stop pouring your food grease down the sinkhole, people. 

And recycle your barnacles.


4 responses to “Lard-like lumps of whale goo

  1. first clue that it wasnt whale chuck should have been the suspisious barrel shape of the lump. almost as if it had been dumped barrel and all befor the metal rusted away..
    how many lumps were there?
    its so gross that people would dump barrel loads of lard into the ocean. isnt it just easier to phone up some bio fuel nerds and they will pick it up for free..

  2. Check out the picture of this happy frenzied local from the trademe auction she is running.

  3. i bet woogie regrets thier $7 leading bid now…
    at first i laughed at that girl but now im thinking 7 bucks profit for a bag of crumbly lard is not bad.

  4. hi ther i have fownd lumps of lard on the beech neer leith edinburgh scottland not nice my dog snifs at them wer have the others been

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