Obama sign stealers beware

This is totally addictive.  My now regular visits to Alaskan blog Mudflats today delivered a wee story about an Oregon woman’s Obama/Biden sign being stolen from her front lawn.   Her son has set up a webcam to try and catch the thief. 

So, now, a lotta lotta folk are keeping vigil, watching the streaming vid to see if they can catch the perp who keeps stealing the sign.  It doesn’t sound it, but believe me, the streaming banter and regular cars gliding by is totally fascinating!  I can’t stop myself from chirping in, tis so easy to do. 

There’s a kindly kid (known as ‘sign-kid’ by the chatters) who comes out to feed squirrels, and there’s even a camera-hogging fly to keep the viewers’ vigil interesting.  Check it out here.  The Huffington Post has just picked up the story.

This is how our politicians should manage graffiti on their billboards.  Webcams rock.


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