Hip Hop Crown Jewels Bling Thing

Gold is the new 3 bedder in Remuera.  Which is why it’s good fortch this auction is coming soon.

Phillips de Pury & Co were due to hold the first auction of historic hip hop bling in October, but because of a large amount of interest, it’s been rescheduled to March next year.  Plenty of time for wannabe bling-meisters to save up.

The auction, Hip Hop’s Crown Jewels, includes iconic pieces worn by some of the most influential artists of our time.  Jewellery worn by 50 Cent, Biggie Smalls, Eminem, Mary J Blige and Tupac Shakur are all included in the collection. 

Slick Rick’s diamond studded eye patch, Lil Jon’s “Crunk Ain’t Dead” diamond pendant and necklace, Tupac Shakur’s Mob ring and Missy Elliot’s Diamond Turntable Ring are among the highlights of the collection.


2 responses to “Hip Hop Crown Jewels Bling Thing

  1. Looks good. Maybe we should have some Ghetto Grillz in there

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  2. Hip-hop artists’ bling is hip and all but the prices are just beyond and opting for a much affordable is a good find like this one https://sell4profit.co.uk/collections/bling-jewellery and make your rap journey be on the right track.

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