Little house for sale

No, not the little house, that one on the prairie.  Nup, it’s a sweet wee one bedder for sale in Toronto.

This is believed to be Toronto’s smallest house.  Occupying what used to be a driveway, it’s a one bed, one bath home that sits on a piece of land that’s only 2.2 metres wide! 

The total interior is less than 28 square metres.  Makes those shoebox apartments at Auckland’s Viaduct seem positively mansionesque.



3 responses to “Little house for sale

  1. Sadly, I think it’s still bigger than my old flat in London!

  2. That garden alone is massif, for London standards, foreshore.

    I hope to one day have a shoe wardrobe the entire size of this house.

  3. Any idea how much this cost??? It’s cute to say the least….

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