Dear John, We want to walk and cycle across the Auckland Harbour Bridge

I don’t get it.  Why, in these times of high ecological awareness and daily congestion on all major routes to the city, does the Council say no to opening up the Auckland Harbour Bridge for walkers and cyclists? 

Wouldn’t that help to make Auckland a world class city, increase tourism activities and enable convenient travel for thousands of Aucklanders?  Isn’t this one of Council’s key objectives?  They tout the term ‘world class city’ all over their website.

If you think the same, show your support for the Get Across campaign this weekend, attend their photo call in association with World Car Free day. 

On Sunday 21st September at 2pm, gather in the park below the Harbour Bridge (city-side) for a group photo.  I plan to pitch myself centre of the group, two fingers raised.  Someone needs to teach that John Banks a lesson. He’s happy to charge us tolls, but not prepared to fully upgrade the Bridge, it’s long overdue.

You can ride a bike to the event free (only if you come from the city-side, obv) with NextBike

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