Sophie Pascoe wins gold at Paralympics


Check out this piece on multiple medal winner, Sophie Pascoe and her family, that screened on Attitude earlier this year.

Sophie has worked hard for these games, over many years, and she is still only 15 years old. 

If only Millie Elder Holmes hadn’t been in court today, Sophie’s success may just have managed to make the top 3 of TV3 News headlines.

See more highlights of the Paralympics at  I wish TVNZ had deemed to give us more than the 1 hour highlights package at 11pm each night.  There doesn’t appear to be any extra time scheduled over the weekend, either.  Jeesh.  They make my semi-boycott so easy. 

Congratulations to our Paralympian team.


6 responses to “Sophie Pascoe wins gold at Paralympics

  1. Fab to get some good news! But let’s face it TVNZ limped through coverage of the Olympics for people with 4 legs so you can hardly expect better from their second outing

  2. Would you really like to watch loads of the Paralympics on the telly? You don’t think the whole thing is a tad patronising? And that it’s perhaps a little too easy to belittle the mainstream media for not giving wall-to-wall coverage?
    Even your own blog started out by emphasising how hard the athlete has tried. Bless her.
    I work in sports, and the trying hard thing is a given for everyone who sweats for a living – from Michael Phelps to the bloke who holds the tackle bags at training for the junior Warriors. So good on them and all that, but most folk simply aren’t interested in the Paralympics, and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    I see the event as a small human interest story and nothing more. I reckon the amount of coverage it gets is about right, perhaps even a little over-done.

  3. Sorry I missed your suffrage thing, only just got the comment. 🙂 x

  4. i think the performance enhancement makers and maskers should get a big thank you also, maybe even a gold.. the olympics would be pretty boring without them.

  5. 4 legs Miss Prozac? I think TVNZ missed out on a big crowd of viewers who loved the Olympics and would readily watch more Paralympics than we have coverage of at the mo. BTW – I so now want there to be a 4 legged olympics. The cat is stretching in preparation as I type.

    Hori3000 – I agree that anyone who sweats is trying and working hard. I mentioned the efforts Sophie has undergone, as I had just finished watching the Attitude vid that showed the incredible number of hours she puts into her training. If there was a gold medal for trawling tackle bags around, I would congratulate the sweaty folk that achieve it. Honest, guv.

    I disagree that this is a “small human interest story”, I find that to be patronising to the thousands of competitors. It’s also a bit of a bummer that you, as a sports industry professional, don’t just view it as sports is sports is sports.

    Don’t get me wrong wall-to-wall coverage of anything is gonna get my goat, I wouldn’t want that. I just felt the news coverage I saw last night placed our Paralympic success a poor 4th or 5th after Millie’s P probs and Winston’s continuing troubles (and the article I linked to above was not on the front page), in contrast to our Olympic/Rugby success headlines.

    I also hoped that any of the action I missed due to the 11pm (NZ time) start during the week, would’ve been recapped in more than an hour over the weekend. Not “loads” of sport, jeesh – I don’t even (normally) like sport on the telly, but a bit more than an hour. If it’s raining this weekend, I would love nothing else than to lose myself in more Lympic action.

    I think most folk don’t know whether they are interested in the Paralympics (being screened) or not, as it has never really been televised. It has a low ‘coolness’ factor for some reason. I personally believe the less we are exposed, the less we understand, therefore the more likely we are to patronise and create barriers.

    I also think sports is sports is sports. I don’t care if the competitor has all of their limbs or not, I like seeing the best of the bestest racing to win.

    Thanks for your comment, but special BIG UPS thanks for your comment on my “hairy lesbian legs” 😉

    No matter Little Red Riding Hood, tis on next week. Do we have a date?

    Lockedgroove – Hmmn. I wonder how they deal with drug testing for the Paralympics. Surely some competitors are legitimately on various medications anyway?

  6. I’m a sucker for hairy legs.

    Re: Lockedgroove – A German bloke tested positive at the Paralympics for something he claims was in his hair-restoring tonic…

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