Suffrage Eve gets the vote

Enough with the childish, defensive, offensive, taxpayer money-wasting politiking of the past few weeks. I am so totally o.v.a.h it.

Winston’s a lying drama queen, quelle surprise! 

Key speaks to rich folk, shocking! 

Helen hates us them all, who’d have imagined that woman could get any more surly? 

Lita says; call an election next week, let’s get this shiz over with.  Enough of the public dissing and private deals.  I want to vote and teach these freaks a lesson.  Ok, ok, I dunno who to vote for, so maybe next week is too early for an election.  Also, I’ve just checked the diary and I’m tres busy then, these nails don’t file themselves, ya know.

So, I’m putting the election date back a bit – Lita is nothing if not flexible. 

How’s the 4th of October for you?  That way, you can come along to the inaugural Suffrage Eve debate at Auckland Uni on September 18th, and together we can listen to healthy arguments that hopefully help us work out which of the bad bunch are the best.

My third-wave feminist friends at The Hand Mirror have organised the event, along with the AUSA.  There will be a panel discussion between four women, all standing for Parliament, about whether left or right political approaches are better for women. 

Speaking to the proposition “That Eve Should Vote Centre-Left”:
– Anjum Rahman, Labour list candidate and blogger
– Sarita Divis, Alliance candidate for Auckland Central

Speaking to the proposition “That Eve should vote Centre-Right”:
– Nikki Kaye, National candidate for Auckland Central
– Lyn Murphy, Act list candidate and Howick Community Board member

Followed by an opportunity for audience questions and discussion.

And there will be cupcakes!*

Click here for more information or go to the Facebook event page.

*Hopefully with blue and red icing, I plan to vote with my puku.


One response to “Suffrage Eve gets the vote

  1. Hey thanks so much for the plug! Sorry I only just picked it up as I’ve been away from home and not able to check my feeds v often.

    That’s a good idea about the cupcake icing, I shall run it past my fellow bakers and see what we can do. Sadly my icing skillz are not good, so while I may intend to do something like red, blue, yellow, green, that may not be the actual result…

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