Tony Veitch attempts suicide, Sunday Papers cream their panties

If this is how Tony plans to strenuously defend himself, I foresee trouble ahead.* 

Former broadcaster Tony Veitch was last night recovering after being airlifted to hospital following a suicide bid.

Sunday News can exclusively reveal the ex-TV and radio star was rushed by helicopter from a remote Northland farm to Auckland Hospital on Friday afternoon after he tried to gas himself in a car.

Sources close to Veitch said two hours earlier his wife Zoe Halford received a telephone call from him saying he planned to leave Auckland and take his life.

“He had had enough … that was his message to her,” one well-placed source said.

I’m not about to lambast those who feel so low they wish to remove themselves from this earth. I personally think it’s a mostly selfish act, but I do have sympathy for anyone who feels that desperately unhappy they see no other alternative but to end their life.

I have never been in Veitch’s position.  I am not a recognised name from television and radio, I have never experienced the stress of a legal case progressing against me for repeated domestic violence against my ex-partner, and it all being played out in public.

I can, however, make some observations in question form and then bullet point them in a pretty, easy to read manner:

  • Isn’t it Suicide 101, if you really want to go through with it, to ensure noone can get to you until the deed is done?  Isn’t this why leaving a letter with final messages to loved ones is more common than a traceable mobile phone call?
  • With the Ministry of Health recommendations advising New Zealand media to “take particular care” when reporting celebrity suicide attempts, isn’t it just a little strange that Veitch’s attempt made our Sunday papers?  It only happened 36 hours ago!**  I don’t want our media to withhold stories from us, but on the other hand, I sort of expect some things to not make the papers, or to be released at a later date.  I guess I would’ve expected that Tony’s suicide attempt be covered up, for as long as possible, by those closest to him.  I wouldn’t have predicted they would release press statements about it, or that the papers would headline with ‘Veitch in suicide bid’.*** 
  • Am I alone in thinking it’s poor taste, regardless of Tony’s apparent troubles, when sources close to him tell the Sunday News: “I hope … the people who have put Tony in this position are happy”?  Who the hell are they talking about?  Is this a dig at Veitch’s ex-partner, or a stab at the media and the public for our supposed part in his downfall?  Who did put Tony in this position?  Who left him alone in deepest, darkest Mangawhai anyway?  Jeesh, I hope it’s not a dig at Tony’s Dad who is rushing home to Tony’s bedside, um, as soon as he finishes his holiday in Fiji.
  • Is this a cry for help from a man filled with deep remorse for his past actions, or a calculated manipulation of the media to play on the public’s sympathy?  Here’s what Kiwi forum-stalkers think.
  • Have I become so cynical and mistrusting of our media that I question every aspect of their articles? The questions above are just a snippet of discussions this morning with the cat over Veitch’s suicide attempt. The cat was tres impolite about it all. I, meanwhile, feel so sorry for newlywed Zoe Veitch.

I hope Tony gets help, and I still maintain that he needs to lose his PR peops.  Maybe he should call up his support team, get some fresh advice.  What would Paul Holmes do?

* I actually had forseen this unfortunate event, but didn’t want to be the one who said “suicide watch” aloud.  And, no – I’m not psychic.  I predicted a drug overdose, who the hell goes to the trouble of gassing themselves, these days?  Ahem.

** NZ Herald story published at 4am Sunday, 7th Sept.

*** Stuff headline published early morning Sunday, 7th Sept.  Since edited to read ‘Veitch hospitalised after fears for his safety’.  All references to the attempt to kill himself by gas are removed, apart from this unfortunate hint on the front page. 


66 responses to “Tony Veitch attempts suicide, Sunday Papers cream their panties

  1. The “victim” has succeeded in maximising financial remuneration and revenge by humiliation against Tony Veitch. Interesting timing soon after his marriage and just before his big break to front the olympics to bring up assualt charges dating back 5-6 years ago. The punishment now exceeds what is an unproven crime.

    Veitch has lost everything. Humiliated in front of millions. The media continues to crucify him due to NZ’s lack of newsworthy content in an effort to sell more papers and attract more viewers. This public flogging wouldn’t happen to Nigel Nobody in South Auckland who committed the same crime.

  2. Well I am sick of his bullshit. If there really are “two sides” to this story then he should stop whining like a little bitch and tell his side. And if he is going to top himself he should do it properly, not some half-arsed “cry for help”.

  3. Andrew,

    I find it interesting that you feel the need to put the word ‘victim’ in inverted commas. Do you really think that Tony is the victim in this? Remember, had it not been for his initial actions (lashing out) none of this would be happening.

    We still don’t know that any of the revelations were released to the media at Kristin’s request, let alone whether Tony’s public humiliation enabled her to maximise remuneration.

    Actually, did you mean ‘compensation’? Remuneration is payment for a service rendered. If Kristin was offering a buy one, get four vertabrae free back breaking deal, then remuneration would be the right word.

    I don’t think anyone has succeeded in anything throughout this whole sorry mess.

    I agree we wouldn’t hear about Nigel Nobody’s case in the same way the media has covered Veitchy’s drama. But, I personally would still feel the same about the situation if Nigel had caused violent damage to his ex and paid her big bucks to keep the situation quiet. Domestic violence is not ok, whether you are a celeb or not. Avoiding responsibility, quelle surprise, also not ok.

    Although, because Nigel wasn’t on my (tax paid) telly channel every night, and my (tax paid) radio station every day, I wouldn’t mind so much that he keeps his job.

    I’m not publicly flogging Veitch. I read the papers, and if I want to, I comment on the news.

    If Veitch’s side hadn’t released so many statements and interviews to media over the past few months, the public would have far less to flog talk about. I’ll go as far to say that if Veitch hadn’t attempted suicide on Friday that the story would’ve faded until nearer the court date, unless of course the VICTIM decided to speak publicly or Team Veitch trawled out yet another ‘Tony is a good guy, Kristin is a stalker’ article.

    Unfortunately for Tony, his previously successful media career means his current situation is totally newsworthy. If Tony was as great a journo as some say, then surely, even he must concede that.

  4. I’m not going into the whole opinion thing. But man, your post title “Tony Veitch attempts suicide, Sunday Papers cream their panties” cracked me up.

    Keep up the awesome post titles.

  5. he can now add selfish and loser to his cv, along with violent and guilty.

  6. Don’t condone the violence – been there – done that!! But the whole “do a crime – lose your job” is a mystery.
    Surely relevance must play a part – a checkout operator than commits theft (outside work) should probably be dismissed, but not for a drink-drivng offence.
    How does Tony’s behaviour make him ineligible to be a Sports commentator? After all Trevor Mallard is still on the tax-paid payroll!!

  7. Man you are a loser. Stop.

    Leave the man alone. Stop.

    Bring back buck.Stop

    Bet you like Michael Laws.Stop

    Stop typing stop.Stop

  8. I was wondering what colour the sky was in Rays world. Domestic violence is unacceptable and whether or not Tony Veitch was a great broadcaster and an all round good guy is irrelevant. I hope that this situation, as tragic as it is for everyone, may pave the way toward a society that has zero tolerance for this behaviour. Lets hope that this behaviour is driven out of homes across society and that there is no debate as to who is to blame when a young women’s life is destroyed as her self esteem plummets alongs side her body as she is thrown down the stairs. Perhaps Tony is going to launch a “say no to drugs” campaign at the end of it !

  9. Ray – if I had any say in the matter, Mallard would not be paid by my tax dollars.

    I don’t really feel I have any say in who is put on the telly, take the Lion Man for example, but I do get to choose with my remote control. I think Veitch made himself “ineligible” – his high profile would’ve meant a clause in his contract where he was unable to commit a serious offence and expect to keep his frontline job. Some checkout operators may also sign a contract with a clause about not bringing their company into disrepute.

    No, U R Sick. You are the fool that keeps reading, and takes time out to leave a comment. Take your own advice.
    Stop. Reading.

  10. I feel sorry for Tony Veitch! No -one who comments about his actions are exactly perfect! People make mistakes, and are entitled to their privacy! Sure he has done wrong, but he will be punished in the proper ways? Not by public riducle and shame!
    Leave him alone. NONE of us is perfect!!!!!!!

  11. What does it take for the New Zealand public to leave this poor guy alone?

    I am by no means condoning what Tony did, however, his actions will be dealt with by the courts. Can you just not leave him alone, do we have to hound the guy until he either commits suicide or snaps completely and hurts someone else!

    Why is it that New Zealanders do not get over anything, move on, for gods sake.

    There are people out there that do far worse than what Tony has done, such as Gang Members, however, I do not see the press continually hound Gang Members…..maybe it is because they may get a tap around the scone!!

    Build a bridge and get over it! Leave the guy alone and let the courts deal with it.

  12. Deborah,

    I’m not convinced the media should have reported this suicide attempt. But you know, prior to this, it has been Veitch and his PR machine keeping this story in the media with his story, his wife’s story, Holme’s view etc. And given that his publicist gave a statement on the suicide attempt, the tiny little black part of my heart is cynical about this whole story. So regardless, if it’s real I think the media should back off because it’s hurtful to Veitch AND it could prejudice his trial, and if it’s not real/hyped up I think the media should stop dancing to Veitch’s tune because they’re helping him sway jurors to his side by broadcasting his view of his ex without his view of events.

  13. Ms Poinsettia makes a very valid point regarding the PR strategy. In terms of leaving him alone – if they weren’t feeding the media machine he would be left alone and far more interesting topics would be up for debate. Launching press releases regarding suicide attempts and insinuating that he is a victim of circumstance is where I struggle. We are all entitled to an opinion , where I struggle is hearing educated women discussing this topic and suggesting that Kirtsin somehow “drove him to it”. As a society we are trying to progress and improve our lives and those of generations to come. I can’t imagine how I would feel as a parent if my daughter had been through years of abuse and to top it off everywhere she goes people are saying that she caused it and took down the career of a shining star. The actions of the Veitch PR team have been effective in creating support for Tony but have taken Kirstin down with it. Is this fair treatment given that his mates accidentally leaked this and she had manged to keep it quiet till then ??

  14. Whenever someone tells me to build a bridge and get over it, I think, “No, you build the bridge and let me know when it’s done. You’ll find me at some other metaphorical engineering feat.”

    I personally don’t feel like I have to leave Tony alone. I’m not doing anything to hurt or help Tony’s situation. I’m commenting on the news that, as Ms Poinsetta beautifully points out, is mostly being fed from Veitch’s camp.

    I’m not media, I’m just a blogger who is offering opinions and comments on the news at large. I’m also offering a forum for you to leave a comment and disagree with me, generous eh?

    I was very surprised to see the word ‘suicide’ in a Sunday paper headline, and as I stated in my post, a little shocked that this was reported at all, let alone so soon after the event. But, saying that, since Sunday, I’ve been relatively impressed with all media remaining quiet on the subject. Zero followup, so far.

    Dreamweaver, I am also disappointed at the number of folk offering Kristin’s behaviour as rationale for the bash. They are often the same people saying that we shouldn’t pre-judge Tony until we have all the facts, but they have no problem in making assumptions about Dunne-Powell.

    Due to some poor decisions made a few years ago, Tony is now experiencing bad times. I hope he gets all the help he needs to face up to the charges and allow justice to prevail.

    This is what I want for anyone who engages in domestic violence. That goes for you too Nigel Nobody.

  15. Deborah!

    Thank you for agreeing with me!

    NZ are so judgmental, but no one wants to look in their own closets!

    Tony will be delt with in the correct ways not by all this media rubbish and people giving their opinions where they arent needed.

    Good luck to all parties involved, hopefully there is a good outcome that suits all!

  16. I can comment where ever i like. You should be happy i am legitimising your blog with my thoughts.

    Wife beating is a national sport the man should be given some sort of prize.

    If i ever get caught i will get Rickards to defend me.

    That’s just the country we live in.

    Lets all send him cake and cards wishing him a fast recovery.

  17. This is the first time I have been interested enough to join a blog and have enjoyed reading the informed opinions of others. It is such a shame that smart people like Lita go to the trouble and expense to create a forum for debate when idiots come along and show themselves up. Perhaps the lost souls amongst us should find a more appropriate blog where their rank sense of humour and lack of education is appreciated. Keep up the great work Lita and may water reach its own level – elsewhere.

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  19. Rachel – I’m not hiding domestic violence in my closet. I agree that Veitch will be dealt through official channels, my opinion won’t make any difference to that. Out of interest, what would you consider a “good outcome that suits all”?

    U R Sick – I didn’t tell you to not comment, I told you to stop reading, if my opinion bothers you. However, your sarcasm is bringing us closer together, foreshore. What flavour cake?

    Dreamweaver – I’m totally blushing, while just managing to empty the water before the next rush floods in. Thanks for your comments.

  20. U R Sick – this is probebly vietch’s alias

  21. Take care Tony. My heart goes out to you!

  22. Oh come now LG, if i was big T then my name would read, I AM Sick. Your attempt at defaming my clever name was lacking creativity. I give you a C+, a mark you are no doubt familiar with.

    Dreamweaver – By the authors own admission my crude rambles are tainted with sarcasm not a rank sense of humour. Nothing beats a hint of cynicism I say. Also you didn’t join a blog you merely commented on one. As for my intelligence i have a double major in the arts and a law degree so me thinks i don’t lack education. You sycophantic comments only highlight your inability to construct your own opinions; at least mine are my own.

    My dear Lita – you seabed your opinions don’t bother me so much. I just stumbled upon your blog while in a rather poor mood, now I am furthering my diatribe in a more even handed manner. As for the gift, I hear he like pound cake.

  23. Peter Malcouronne

    Great post Lita. And can I add my voice to those tired of the so-called “trial by media” lament.

    It’s Team Veitch – led by Glenda Hughes – who’re doing all the talking. In successive weeks we’ve had Holmes’ “poor Tony” interview in the Herald on Sunday and then – drip, drip, drip – revelations from an ex-girlfriend, then a former flatmate, then his wife that “Veitchy” is in fact a top bloke, a prince among men (with Kirsten Dunne-Powell cast as blackmailing obsessive). Which set the scene nicely for the mocking “He assaulted her with water!” stories – the snarkily reported details from the police charge sheet two weeks ago. But where did the Sundays get this information? From the Veitch PR team of course.

    The problem with spin – and I don’t think it’s cynical to wonder how papers heard about Veitch’s latest misfortune (nice work Ms Hughes) – is that you’ve got to maintain it. And unfortunately this new version of history is wholly at odds with Veitch’s first public pronouncements – that Ms Dunne-Powell was a wonderful woman, indeed a friend to this day; someone he’d “lashed out” at when (no excuses) he was under intolerable pressure. Remember that first press conference? Yes, and the 150K was not hush money – oh no! – but his contribution to Ms Dunne-Powell’s medical expenses and the time she had to take off work. We were led to believe he’d paid her the money of his own volition – it was the least this good man could do.

    Only now his team, notably his wife, contradicts him: Ms Dunne-Powell, it appears, is a bunny-boiler! But either Zoe Veitch’s new story is true OR that initial public statement from Veitch is false. It’s one or the other – it cannot be both.

    Team Veitch need to sort out a convincing (or at least consistent) story. Smartly.

    As an aside, most people I know who’ve said this is not okay… that Veitchy’s crossed the line are male. Conversely, those defending him – the ‘there’s two sides to every story’… ‘she’s mad as a cut snake’… ‘why did she keep going back to him if he was so bad’… ‘the poor guy’s suffered enough’… brigade – are women. I’m encouraged my gender hasn’t reflexively fallen behind its own – that’s progress!


  24. Tony, Dont, for fuck sake, let them win this way.

    I dont know you, any more or less, than I know some of the shitheads in this post, but you can think your way out of this mate.

    “Think”, your a winner and you surely will win.

    What I am thinking is most of the wankers who support your dire situation are “would be’s if they could be’s” including this hairy legged lesbian LITA….(I assume thats the reason for showing those awful hairy legs).

    Remember this mate, You cannot be “everything to everyone” and dont worry about what they say or you think they are saying, it does not mean shit if thier a wannabe(s)..

    You are someone who did well, in fact I would go so far as to say, you are the best at what you do!

    And the future holds great things for you and your family mate….Esp if you think that!

  25. And Tony all of a sudden felt better, and the world was once more at peace. Gregg Nelson for PM.

  26. Lita: nice legs.

  27. You know, from the moment i saw and heard Tony Veitch on the TV, I didn’t like him. Now call it female instinct or whatever you like, but I always thought he was arrogant and not very patient. Yep good looking and all that, but personality, nah, from a female point of view. I am not talking about from a presenting point of view or anything else, just a hunch that the man was a self centred arrogant guy. THEN we find this out about the crime, WELL can”t say I was suprised, BUT wondered why it has come out so long afterwards, that I do feel sorry for him about. After seeing the pic of the girl whom he commited the crime against, maybe it wasn’t a good pic or something, but she looked like a leech (now guys you all know what that is in a female, yeah??) If he so much as moved, or went out without her, or looked at another female, she would be the sort to pounce, whinge, whine, stick on, and suck the life out of the poor bloke. (after all he is a good looking guy…yeah?) Well, thats what she looked like anyway. NOW, that does not condone Tony bashing her, BUT there are always 2 sides to every story believe you me and to all you self righteous people out there, you never know what you would do if put in a circumstance that might make you upset (and don’t self righteously say: “I do know, I would never hit…!!Blah blah blah.
    Yeah, so I never liked the guy from the start, but heck, don’t judge him. And this is written by a female……………..

  28. if this was you or me , no one would give a shit , leave the guy alone, it will be too late one day to say i never ment it to go this far. its not up to us but the courts. tony , i believe you have been told this before have faith in the new zealand public , they are not all out for your blood. you have a new lovely and loyal wife and friends that you never knew you had .
    keep cool
    we love you .
    signed a

  29. If Veitchy were a real man, instead of a bullying wankstain, he would have done a proper job of his suicide attempt.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer braying jock-sucking asswipe.

  30. andy ex kiwi from perth

    u aucklanders r the biggests pack of WANKERS in the world,i hope they nuke auckland,the violent,low educated,boring shithole it has become..hey tony veitch when u kill urself take auckland with u

  31. sam williams

    I agree with everyone that domestic violence is not ok and in no way should be tolerated.Tony Veitch certainly did wrong-we all accept that.But take a moment and look at the other victims in all of this too.Firstly my sympathy goes out to his ex partner for what has happened.But we must not forget about what Tonys wife is going through and Tonys family.Through his actions they have all been left with a bad name-no fault of their own.Lets remember how hard this is on them.Tony has now more than paid the price-rightly so to pay the price,but not more than pay the price.He has lost both of his jobs,paid the money for (settlement),brought down his wifes name and his familys name-they are victims as well, of his “out of character” behaviour. Until we know all of the story then we should say what we like!In saying all of that family violence isnt ok-I just wonder what forced Tony to act in the way he did-ask yourself just instead of seeing her side of the story.I point to all you PC Feminist supporters!Was she having an affair when all he was doing was working damn hard to build a future for both of them?Once again I dont accept Tony’s actions but if he paid for her silence and she accepted that how did the story get out into public hands,if it was from her mouth (if though) did she not think it wouldnt also affect Tonys poor lovely wife and his extended family?

  32. I read these comments and mostly from you all so quick to throw the knife at someone who has not been proven guilty for any thing under the court of law yet you are all so eager to unleash your hatred against someone you dont even know. Where is the forgiveness in your hearts and compassion. None of us walk on water and all make errors whether violent or crime etc… How would you like to be in that poor mans position? tall poppy syndrome to the extreme! where is the love people of New Zealand? show some more please…

  33. Yeah, show some love. After all, Tony is a third rate broadcaster who likes to bray out racist comments on Radio Sport when he isn’t licking Marc Ellis’ ass on TVNZ. What’s not to love?

    He’s no tall poppy. He’s an insect that doesn’t even make a satisfying crunching noise when you step on it.

  34. Lita – would encourage you to get offline – your bad mouth and bad attitude does nothing for you. I’ll not be reading this site again but man, you’re bad !

  35. What a way we kiwis have to help and support one an other. NOT? The media go from one conflagration to another to expose our humanness and suck the living sole out of anyone who they feel is guilty based on what they feel is the truth. We need responsible journalism that is fair uncompromising in the quality of the language that is used . We constantly face a barrage of negativity all in the interests of profit but at what personal cost to any affected family. Tony needs to reevaluate his PR team who are doing nothing to help his cause. I do not condone violence in any form and people who perpetrate it need to be called to account. As for the highly publicized suicide attempt i feel for Tonys family as mine did for me, the bottom line is we see no other alternative at the time. As a person who lives with anxiety and depression i find some of the comments in this blog contemptible. As a Life Recovery Coach Tony his ex partner and his wife and family are all victims, how they recover will not be with the media diatribe. Let the court deal with the matter. Then work on what is needed to support the families so they can get on with their lives.

  36. I think Dunne has alot to answer for and not just Tony on this one. Maybe she should fess up to why she got thumped in the first place. She has guilt written all over her face.

  37. All Dunne wants is money as her father said it was no big deal at the time

  38. oppinions allowed

    both sides have done wrong in this case. Tony has beaten his girl, that was wrong BUT he atleast addmitted to it. Kristen first provoked him to lash out and then accepted the payout. if the case had been strait away setteled in a court of law in exactly the same way then there would have been no problem, but seeing that tony is a celeb and all it’s just right that he should want his privacy and al, both parties are in the wrong

  39. So oppinions allowed, If I go around murdering folk, as long as I admit it and they provoke me, no problem?

    Allygator, are you like 11 years old?

    Thanks to everyone for your comments, especially Buster who won’t be back cos of my stinky tude. Mission accomplished.

  40. provoke vb : waving a red cape, Delgado provoked the animal into charging. That’s all. I believe we should all be far more careful when dealing with others emotions. Consequences can be big and awful. As they were indeed for me.

  41. lockedgroove

    tony may be full of bull but he is not a bull. provocation is not a defence, human emotion cant be compaired to animal instinct.

  42. Veitch should get over himself. He bashed his girlfriend, he got caught. he’s a sports jock, maybe he should be like the men he reports on and be a man, face the fact that his behaviour was cowardly and unmanly and that no amount of provocation justifies what he did. He broke her back for God’sake, how hard is that to do? Extremely.

    Throughout he has had a ‘media minder’. What was her job if not to make him look and smell good? His having a media minder at all suggests that he wasn’t planning to leave this earth but rather to stay on it but on his terms.

    He was a coward when he kicked her, he’s a coward still.

    Grow up, Veitch. Be a man.

  43. Bloody poofter, thinks he’s da man cos he gets a big salary. Thinks he can beat his woman about and pay her off. Thinks he can pay off the court coz he’s scared of going to jail. Doesn’t even have the guts to off himself properly. Just looking for sympathy. Rot in hell Veitch.

  44. Leave Tony alone for crying out loud

  45. Tony is a Hero and he should remember that.


    Because he admitted he is human. He admitted he made a mistake. He is genuinely sorry. The difference is, 4 million people were watching.

    He had balls to stand up and say to NZ, ‘I was wrong. I am sorry’. He should dedicate a portion of his life to assault awareness, as a poster boy, saying “It’s NOT OK.”

    As for the girl, she got what she came for – justice. She now needs to stop listening to her feminist friends who are telling her, ‘women’s rights, women’s rights…’ she got her money, fame, guilty charge, show of remorse…EVERYTHING. And if she pursues this any further, she may get something worse than her broken back – his death from suicide. And what’s the bet then? Will she say ‘justice’??

    I felt sorry for her initially, but trying to become another Louis Nicholas & bank on this publicity is backfiring, now making her look like a manipulative, callous whore.

  46. Would like to know how can she wear high heels with a bad back. That would be the worse thing out for it. Or is it just another ploy of her part.

  47. As a counsellor since 1995, for domestic violence prevention & workplace & domestic abuse/ prevention, since 1995- I think that Tony Veitch has been held to ransom by the NZ Public & especially the media. He has confessed, acknowledged & paid for his sins yet the media continues to hound him. Personally I do not think the media will be satisfied until he kills himself. How bad is that? That, is in itself is nothing short of continued assault of bullying such as one would receive in the playground. Bullying by cyber space, media or beyond is totally un- aceptable. I also have empathy & sympathy for his ex-partner Kristen Dunne Powelle- Domestic violence is not OK full stop & I believe that Tony has continuously stated this. How much more does he have to endure……..? I wonder at why this woman- ( ex partner) has continued to pursue this issue if she allegedly has stated that she and Tony can move on with the proviso that he pays for her medical bills, loss of wages – and beyond. Yes I agree money is a great way of hushing some people up but after some time his apparent payments have been called hush money. I am a woman and a counsellor in ( in Domestic Violence Prevention) & I believe from listening to radio interviews that Tony is suitably & appropriately remorseful the ongoing shit that Tony has to put up with is ongoing bullying

  48. Sandi Rankin

    All I can say is what a sad country we live in, that we feed on this kind of thing, until it totally destroys that person, to the point they dont want to live anymore, thats not justice.

  49. Well I don’t feel sorry for Veitch he did the crime and it’s about time he did the time. Not by doing community service or coughing up $10k what load of b*@l s@*t . All the media advertising about Domestic Voilence it has to end and its OK to say “NO I’m not tolerating this any longer”. He said he spent 5 hours in a Police cell whipity do, and he didn’t like it. It was horrific in his words. What if he had got actual PRISON TIME which is what he should of got, any normal guy out of the media spot light would have got this but not our TONY he’s too good for that. He did the crime so he should pay the price for his actions.

    We have been through this with a family member visiting him every week in prison for 14 months and it’s not pretty, we only saw it from the outside looking in, not what our son actually went through. We had been in court system for over 12 months and know how it works, where nothing happens with some or most of their appearance before the judge.

    Tony should SUCK IT up he got off lightly with no PRISON TIME he wouldn’t have survived as he’s such a whimp and neither would his family.

    Our son was down and out as well with the court system. He talked of suicide but he has more BALLS than tony cause he survived and did’t use the media with all this B@*l dust about suicide. ALL IT IS A ATTEMPT FOR LITTLE tony SAYING OH POOR ME!!! LET’S ALL FEEL SORRY FOR ME CAUSE I GOT CAUGHT AND THE MEDIA FOUND OUT SO LET’S USE THEM TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITIES.. Just because he is in the media spotlight at the end of the day he phyiscally assaulted a human being and does he think he is someone special. I DON’T THINK SO, SUCK IT UP AND FACE THE CONSEQUENCES LIKE A MAN!!!!

  50. Sorry but I can’t feel sorry for this guy. Always was a tosser and always will be —- witness his gollywog comments about James Blake, his ‘the closest thing to a monkey’ comments about Serena Williams and now his THREE failed suicide attempts -where he texts the f—king media FIRST!!! – PISS OFF TONY – you are only famous for being a WANKER now. Soooo lucky you have a rich wife. Why don’t you now piss off to to the MIDDLE EAST??

  51. lockedgroove

    its funny how people keep trying to blame the media for hounding him – um, didn’t tony phone/text the papers and blubber “this is it, its over” etc, implying another ‘suicide’ attempt. he and his crappy leaky PR (media minder!) directly feed the media with their spins and dramas..
    according to Zoe this would be his 8th attempt and according to the media this was his 3rd or 4th attempt (source: herald & stuff)..
    what will it take for mental health professionals to step in and lock this man up for his own safety? if his attempts were genuine then it should not have gone this far. put him under 24/7 suicide watch or shut the hell up team Veitch – commit him already if he is a danger to himself, certainly if he is a danger to the public – wasn’t he driving around jacked up on pills!
    lock him up for his own safety because it is a darn sight cheaper then flying his family around in the police chopper every time he has a cry cry..

    for fuck sake

    oh yeah, Kirsten wears heels! shock horror Sherlock’s – so freaking what?

  52. OK. So lets set something thing straight. Women have been getting the Smack Down since the begining of Time. Yes its rank and not cool, but at the end of the day who really gives a ….
    To be Honest the one and only thing that has come out of this ordeal reeking of scum is Tony Veitch’s incessant Fame Whoring. Seriously, what man is so weak he lacks the ability to top himself the first time? So seeing his third attempt… I mean “Bid” because not even the Media can take it seriously anymore, it dawned. He is not try to kill; himself he’s trying to emotionaly black mail the media into portraying him as the Victim.
    The guys pathetic.

  53. Interesting to contrast the behaviour of Tony Veith and David Bain – both accused of violent crimes, albeit obviously on a different scale, and both suffering trial by media. Whatever the guilty/not guilty right and wrongs of each situation, David Bain has presented himself with a dignity and composure that Tony could do well to reflect on. Tony has got a lot more left of his life than David has.

  54. Tonys a LOSER

    Tony veitch is no victim.It is a drama and he is is the producer. Everyone is head over heels falling for this shite he himself is a media man he loves the attention…wish he’d just get it right next time the loser tries to kill himself hes so pathetic its laughable

  55. I see you are getting a tonne of comments on this like I am, lots of different opinions out there.

  56. What is wrong with you people? If Tony paid NOTHING he stills get bad labels but he paid a healthy 150 thousand and still gets labeled – man he can’t win. BUT hold up right there Kristin said in court she felt threatened HELLO people may I ask why was she lying on the floor in the FIRST place, wasn’t she threatening Tony in his OWN home and more importantly behaving like a baby lying on the floor saying ‘kick me, kick me’.
    Thank godness I’m a woman cos if I was a man I would not trust her as far as I could throw – I have seen too many men friends and family around be victims of people of Kristin type behaviour.
    People think about what you are saying lets go right back to the start why the h**l was she lying on the floor in the FIRST place!!!

  57. why was she on the floor? why did he kick her in the back? – it doesnt matter why, what matters is he did. violence was not his only option was it.

    the most common theme from all these tony supporters is that provocation justifies violence – which it dosnt, provocation is not a defense so get over it.

    i cant quite see how lying on the floor behaving like a baby can be seen a threatening gesture.

  58. Well Kristin OWN mother said she is a drama queen and it does make sense timing of Tony’s wedding, the $$$, the high heels especially need to wear proper footwear if her back is so deformed. And another question how come the hospital said nothing wrong but later it’s broken talk about confusing.
    Again I repeat how come she was on the floor in the first place????

  59. yeah casey, i can see how its all become a tad confusing for you. poor dear.

    nice bit of detective work there sherlock..

  60. yeah casey, i can see how its all become a tad confusing for you. poor dear.

    nice bit of detective work there sherlock..

  61. casey go take some valium your defence of tinytony is as desperate and pathetic as his attemp at suicide is … Tell me why he felt the need to doctor his “friends ” testimonials what sort of lowlife rips their mates off like this… he is desperate he wants people to think he is the victim here unfortunatley there are stupid fukwits like you around who believe him.

  62. Yeah g1 idiot

  63. Mr KNOW it all ANONYMOUS care to explain why Vodafone were pleased to see the back of Kristin. Care to explain why Kristin went to Tony’s wedding wondering why he didn’t goes to hers. Call me a stupid wotever but at the end of the day there are two sides to the story and Kristin should be speaking the ‘real’ story. At this point everything just does not add up with Kristin and it sure sounds like Kristin is not over Tony.

  64. why dont you write a letter and direct your questions to the police and courts, maybe your findings will re-open the case. they probably just completely overlooked the second side to the story.

    good luck with that aye

  65. Casey you watch too much TV ….. “call you stupid” your worse than stupid your delusional.. which explains why you are his supporter …
    “real story” maybe you should write the book

  66. To be fair guys, we don’t know what Kristen said on the night in question to warrant the beating she sustained.

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